Souls Purpose

“What is my purpose in life?” This is a question that almost every human being ponders at one time or another. Some people come up with definitive answers, while others try to figure out their purpose for the entirety of their lives, without success. When you ponder your purpose in life, you are essentially pondering your soul’s purpose.

Souls Purpose Souls Purpose

Different Ideas Regarding the Souls Purpose

Some people think that the life purpose is essentially the work that they have chosen to do in their adult lives. Others feel that the life purpose has something to do with other people, in terms of how you help them on their own journey during your lifetime. There are some who believe that the life purpose is connected to how we feel ourselves, such as being happy. Many believe that once your purpose has been accomplished or completed, you die, and move on to a different realm.

There are as many different ideas regarding the purpose of life, and what constitutes the purpose of life as there are people in the world it seems. Nobody can say that one theory is right, while another is wrong, as what we regard as a life purpose, or the purpose of the soul, is as individual as we are as people.

The Souls Purpose Defined by Astrology

Many people believe that we are born to be a certain way, and to do certain things, and that this is all defined by the astrology surrounding our birth. Information such as your birth date, the time that you were born, the location of your birth, the day of the week you were born on and more are taken into account, and used in complex astrological formulas to define the soul’s purpose.

Others don’t believe that these complex formulas necessarily define our purpose, but they do have an impact on our personalities, which could essentially be instrumental in determining the purpose of the soul, or your purpose in life. Yet others don’t believe that any of this makes any difference at all. In the end, it comes down to personal belief regarding how we are connected and how we interact with the universe and all that is in it.

Does Your Souls Purpose Jive with Your Goals?

Many astrological experts agree that the goals that you set for your life, whether they are long term or short term, should jive with your soul’s purpose. The belief in this field of thought is that if the two do not jive, the goals that you’ve set will be harder to reach, because your purpose works against it. It is also believed that even if a goal that doesn’t connect or jive with the purpose of the soul is achieved, that it will not bring good things to the achiever, simply because the two are not in sync.

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