Shamanic Studies

Throughout history, we’ve lost a great deal of knowledge. This is because as the world progressed, old traditions were simply left behind. The older generations died out without sharing certain knowledge, usually because the younger generations had moved on to bigger and better things. This is currently happening with shamanism, which is why shamanic studies are so important to us today.

Shamanic Studies Shamanic Studies

What Are Shamanic Studies?

Shamanic Studies are incredibly interesting. They teach us the old ways of the shamans throughout history – information that will surely be lost if these studies are not only offered, but utilized by younger generations. You will learn about spirit guides, divination, trances, astral travel, and wilderness quests. Additional things that are taught through these studies include rituals, dream work, healing, animal medicine, plant medicine, and soul retrieval. These studies may also include information and some level of instruction for many different types of therapy, including art therapy and music therapy.

Those individuals who are born into shamanism do not automatically have the skills necessary to be shamans, which is why they also need and participate in these studies. These studies can often be thought of as mentorship programs for younger shamans, and often that mentorship continues long after the studies have been completed.

Are Shamanic Studies Only for Shamans?

While shamans do attend these studies as a major part of their training, those who were not born into shamanism also benefit from these studies. Those who are in the medical profession, in any capacity, find that the information is not only interesting, but extremely helpful in their work.

For instance, those who care for the terminally ill seem to have a better understanding of death and dying, and are better able to cope within their jobs, and to help their patients cope as well. Many people who attend these studies and courses also learn to apply shamanism techniques and practices to their own lives, even though they are not shamans themselves.

Where to Find Shamanic Studies

Most of these types of classes or programs are only offered through spiritual healing schools or Metaphysical schools. Many Shamanic Studies Programs have certificate programs available as well. Shorter workshops, seminars, and even online classes are also available. While home study courses are available, most people find that they get more out of the course when they attend classes, or participate with others in an online environment. These studies are available all over the world, and are becoming more common in the Western world, as we seek to hold on to ancient information that could easily become lost.

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