Spinology is considered to be a relatively new practice. It is not to be confused with the art of Spinology, which is essentially spinning and twirling drumsticks in a fancy fashion. Instead, it is considered to be maintenance of the spine, in a non-therapeutic way. Basically, it is maintenance of the spine to prevent back problems and back pain.

Spinology Spinology

The Founding and Ideology Behind Spinology

The idea of this practice was founded by Dr. Reginald R. Gold, of London, in 1980. Dr. Gold did not begin this practice in England; however, he started it in the United States when he realized that Americans and American doctors essentially ignore the importance of keeping the spine properly aligned, and the effect that a misaligned spine has on us.

The Purpose of Spinology

When our spines are misaligned, everything else is affected as well. This is why most Chiropractors will tell you that Chiropractic Medicine helps numerous health issues, and also aids in prevention of many problems. He was especially concerned about the American lack of attention to how the spine affects the nervous system.

The key behind this practice is that people need to visit their Chiropractor when they have back pain – surely – but they also need to visit for an alignment when they are not having back pain as well, on a regular schedule. It is important to understand the value of the practice, because after years of being misaligned, the spine can never truly be perfectly aligned again.

How Spinology is Practiced

Usually, a Chiropractor practices Spinology. You make regular or standing appointments with your Chiropractor for an adjustment of the spine, which is designed to keep the spine properly aligned. While this is a manipulative practice, the practice that you are seeking is not manipulative. Instead, the Spinologist will use their hands to feel the muscles along the spinal column. Through this method, he or she can feel the muscles that are being pulled either in an attempt to realign the spine, or in an attempt to move out of line. When these muscles are discovered, the Spinologist uses a thrusting motion to move those muscles back into place.

Note that while this is usually practiced by a Chiropractor, not all Chiropractors are Spinologists. Special training is required, and you will want to ask your Chiropractor if he or she has had such training. If they have not, make sure that you find a Chiropractor who has.

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