Point of Care

The running of diagnostic blood tests is an important aspect of the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of a range of medical conditions and illnesses. Point of care testing involves the collection of blood from the patient with the testing of the blood being done in a short period of time from the collection. The benefit of point of care blood analysis is that it is rapid and it is done in a timely fashion that prevents excessive reduction of the quality and hence the ability to diagnose the blood taken.

About Point of Care Testing

When a patient requires a blood test to assist in the diagnosis of a medical complaint or condition, the use of point of care testing allows for rapid analysis and ensures that the specimen taken doesn’t have the opportunity to become degraded before the diagnostic testing is conducted. If blood is degraded, the accuracy of the test could be compromised. With inaccurate or compromised test results, it becomes harder for a medical professional to successfully assess the cause of a patient’s illness.

 Point of Care

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As a patient, you benefit from point of care blood analysis as the use of portable and hand held diagnostic equipment means that you can be assured of a rapid test result. In many instances, the point of care analysis will be carried out right where you are at the time that a sample of your blood is collected for analysis. This blood testing could be done right away by a GP, medical specialist or a pathologist (blood specialist). Typically, the blood will be collected and placed onto a strip or into a cassette that is inserted into the blood analysis machine. The greatest advantage of the live blood analysis is that you have a rapid test result, due to the nature of point of care testing. A faster result then means the patient receives treatment sooner to alleviate their illness or medical condition.

Types of Point of Care Testing

There are a broad range of diagnostic tests that can be carried out based upon a point of care live blood analysis. The collection and instant analysis of the blood can test for a number of different blood problems:

Through point of care testing the patient is assured of a rapid result allowing for rapid action to correct the condition that is identified from the testing. Hormone imbalances, high glucose concentrations and pathogens can have a rapid impact upon the individual, causing serious medical problems. With live blood testing, the tests can reveal the cause of the patient’s symptoms rapidly. The faster treatment time can have a marked impact upon the outcome of the patient’s treatment, making this a valuable and effective option for the analysis, diagnosis and treatment of a range of medical conditions.

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