Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a form of holistic treatment that aims to improve health and well being through the understanding of energy and how the science of energy can impact the body. Conditions that can be treated using polarity therapy are varied, as the flow of energy in our bodies has the means to impact upon both physical and emotional well being. This form of therapy is considered a useful option for the treatment of conditions that could benefit from natural healing alongside of conventional medicine.

What is Polarity Therapy

The approach that polarity therapy takes was developed by Dr Randolph Stone. The therapy combines elements of both eastern and western medicine and therapy to implement an holistic approach to health to improve mental, emotional and physical well being. The use of polarity therapy alongside orthodox medicine is believed to improve poor health by unlocking the energy that perpetuates physical and emotional symptoms of injury and illness.

 Polarity Therapy

Benefits of Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a very effective form of treatment which is much sought after in this age of holistic and complementary approaches to ill health.
Polarity Therapy works on many different levels:
• Releasing subtle energy
• Alleviating nervous conditions and nervous energy
• Healing musculoskeletal complaints
• Improving the cardiovascular system
• Restoring health to the respiratory system
• Aiding digestion and improving nutrition
• Assisting with gynaecological issues and helping in pre and post-natal women
• Improving emotional and mental well-being

Aspects of polarity therapy

The key philosophy of polarity therapy is the focus on holistic treatment – managing illness and injury by working on mental, emotional and physical aspects to aid the body in the natural healing process. The following are essential areas of work in polarity therapy.

Bodywork - This is a form of therapy in which the release of energy in the body is achieved through massage, touch and manipulation of injured areas. The goal is to restore balance to areas that have become ‘blocked’ when chronic pain can cause an injured area to perpetuate muscle contraction and inflammation after the initial cause of the problem is rectified. The 3 types of polarity bodywork are sattvic (very light touch), rajasic (stimulating touch) and tamasic (deep massaging touch).

Awareness and Process Skills - Counselling and the deeper understanding of health and emotion is the focus of this aspect of the polarity therapy. This part of the therapy is to help release subconscious energy blockages that can cause negative thought processes to become ingrained and prevent the individual from achieving their full potential.

Health and Cleansing Diets – A healthy body can provide improved physical health and in turn contribute to the improved mental and emotional wellbeing of an individual. A therapist can help to restore balance in your body with detoxification and a deeper understanding and respect for your body through improved diet.

Polarity Yoga – The flow of energy through the body is one benefit of traditional yoga. Polarity yoga develops further upon this idea, seeking to help increase energy flow, improve physical wellbeing and develop a health emotional balance as part of the healing process of the polarity therapy.

Natural health and wellbeing is about restoring and maintaining a positive balance in the body and having a flow of energy that enables us to reach peak physical and emotional levels. In polarity therapy the holistic approach to wellbeing works both the physical and mental levels to achieve natural balance and health.

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