Postural Integration

Postural integration looks at how we develop ‘armours’ to protect us from the world around us. It studies how these armours impact upon our emotional and physical selves, causing us to develop patterns of movement and behaviour throughout our lives. These ingrained patterns lead to physical discomfort as we carry tension, as well as emotional behaviours that we create believing they offer us protection.

About Postural Integration

Postural integration offers a holistic approach to managing these issues of physical and emotional discomfort by breaking down the patterns or armours that create these problems. The philosophy of this therapy is that the body reflects our emotional history just as our thoughts do. Deep set tension can cause pain, discomfort and effect our movement over time; hence the mental state is reflected in the physical body. Postural integration is focussed on correcting this through both physical and emotional therapies, improving how we feel, breath, move and communicate.

 Postural Integration

The Process of Postural Integration

Postural Integration works on releasing the individual from this ‘body armour’ that is built up over a lifetime, helping to relieve the stresses and strains that can come about as a result. The postural integration therapy involves systematically removing armours, through a process involving ten steps that help alleviate the deep roots of the armour. The process involves deep tissue manipulation, breathing exercises, movement exercises, reflection and focussing on the body and posture. When the tensions that have built up over time are released, you’ll discover a replenished sense of wellbeing and be better able to express your thoughts and emotions. This holistic therapy is about restoring a mind-body balance.
During the postural integration sessions as you advance through therapy, you’ll become more in tune with your inner self, learning to identify how your emotions are expressed in your physical being. You’ll not only gain a deeper self-awareness and consciousness, you’ll learn to release the physical aspects of your feelings and embrace positive emotion to improve your whole sense of well being. Bodywork, massage and movement are a part of the therapy, which goes hand in hand with counselling on the emotional aspects of your health.

Who Can Benefit From Postural Integration?

Postural integration can help you to understand how and why you feel a range of unexplained emotions at different points in time. The building of ‘body armour’ takes place throughout our lives, causing us to stand, walk, move, think and talk in a way that protects us physically and emotionally. This constant struggle to defend ourselves can lead to physical, mental and emotional fatigue. Postural integration adopts a holistic approach to alleviate these issues.
Postural integration can help you if you have problems with feelings of:

• Anger
• Frustration
• Impatience
• Vulnerability
• Lack of confidence
• Defensiveness
• Dissatisfaction
• Unhappiness
• Being overwhelmed

If you experience emotional and physical symptoms from a lifetime of building defences and coping mechanisms, then postural integration is a natural health therapy that could provide you with a means to eliminate these issues. Holistic therapies are an excellent option for gaining improved mental and physical health, helping you to feel well in both mind and spirit.

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