Osho Tarot Cards

Osho Tarot, also known as Osho Zen Tarot, are cards used for guidance and predicting the future, much as traditional tarot cards do. The major difference with these cards is that they are underlined with a strong influence based upon Zen philosophy. A reading with these cards can provide you with help in interpreting events in your life and guidance when making decisions regarding future happenings.

About The Osho Tarot Cards

The Osho Tarot cards hold 79 cards, divided into 4 suits. The suits in the deck are clouds, water, fire and rainbows. The additional Osho card is considered to be the basis of the name given to this type of tarot card deck. The cards are each numbered, offering a means for identification and assistance with the interpretation of the cards. The Osho Zen Tarot deck was developed by Ma Deva Padma, an artist and student of the Osho discipline. Through this series of cards, the goal was to impart the Zen and Osho wisdom upon others, so that they could gain and benefit from this instruction.

What an Osho Tarot Card Reading Reveals

An Osho Tarot reading is based upon the Zen philosophy. The reading is designed to provide an increased insight and understanding of this philosophy. Through the interpretation of the cards, the reader gains a greater understanding of the balance that Zen brings to the individuals life, thereby increasing the harmony that the individual will achieve within their life.

osho tarot cards Osho Tarot Cards

Having an Osho Tarot Card Reading

When an Osho Tarot reading is carried out, the person will select the appropriate number of cards for the type of reading that is being conducted. The cards could be selected from a modified deck of 21 cards, or the cards may be selected for reading using the complete deck of 79 cards. Once the cards are selected, they are then laid out in the appropriate formation to fit with the reading desired. The reading should be conducted with the person selecting the cards one at a time, while keeping in their thoughts the subject about which they are seeking assistance or guidance.

Interpreting Your Card Reading

The reading should be interpreted by someone who has studied the cards and can help you to understand the layers of meaning in the placement and selection of the cards. As with a regular tarot deck, the placement of the cards indicates the meaning that each one has within the overall reading. That means that the first drawn card for example, may represent where you are at that particular moment in time. The second may represent where the future is to take you, the next what your past has taught you and so on.
If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the Zen philosophy while receiving guidance on interpreting your past and making informed decisions in your future, then you will find that Osho Tarot can provide you with an interesting means to do so. The cards will challenge your thinking and open your mind to new perspectives and possibilities in your life.

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