The key points of naturopathy can help patients decide if this approach to healthcare is appropriate for their specific needs. The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians is an excellent resource that can further plans to adopt a naturopathy into your health-related goals.

An Introduction to Naturopathy

The key points of naturopathy begin with a brief introduction to the holistic medicine approach. This form of alternative medicine is a fascinating system that developed in Europe. The approach seeks to promote health and healing by treating the whole person rather than any particular medical condition.

naturopathy Naturopathy

The habit of only treating the body when it is in distress is not conducive to good health. The medical system incorporates a number of different approaches that are effective in promoting health, healing, and preventing illnesses. Approaches include but are not limited to:

• Diet
• Lifestyle changes
• Herbal supplements
• Aromatherapy
• Massage
• Joint manipulation
• Complementary medicine
• Ayurvedic medicine
• Traditional Chinese medicine
• Mind-body techniques
• Hydrotherapy

The idea is to incorporate techniques that treat the entire individual on psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The holistic approach to healing is a lifestyle that helps the individual build a resistance to illnesses.


Natropathy holds the belief that the human body has the capacity to heal itself if given the right conditions. This natural healing process can replace drugs or invasive medical techniques in some cases.

Maintaining a healthy balance is a key component to self-healing. The healing process involves returning to nature, allowing the body to heal itself as it naturally would without intrusive medical interventions.

Primary Points of Naturopathy

People often look to this form of complementary medicine as a way to deal with existing medical conditions, diseases, or chronic pain. However, the approach is ideally used before any conditions develop as a means of treating the entire person rather than an illness. Key points of naturopathy include:

• Natural treatments that are conducive to improved health
• Some approaches may carry risk
• Practitioners should have adequate training, and should be certified or licensed to practice
• Naturopathy is a system of different forms of alternative medicine
• The approach should be coordinated with treatments determined by an orthodox physician

Managing Health with Naturopathy

Managing health with naturopathy is an excellent strategy for living a healthier life. Preventative measures may differ from one individual to another. For example, a person who has a family history of heart disease may benefit from a combination of stress reducing activities, diet, exercise, and techniques that improve circulation.

The idea is to treat the entire person, with focus on certain aspects that may have bearing on medical conditions. This approach steps away from taking medication for certain types of problems while allowing the body to take care of itself naturally. The augmentative approach may replace some medical interventions, but not all.

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