Natural Vision Correction

Holistic natural vision correction is an excellent approach to naturally enhancing the ability to see clearly. Vision care involves more that the occasional visit to the eye doctor. It is an ongoing process that involves lifestyle habits that promote eye health.

natural vision correction Natural Vision Correction

Vision and the Brain

It is important to recognize that vision is a mental process that occurs primarily in the brain. Eyes are receptors that take in information from the surrounding environment. This information is translated in the mind using an intricate system.

Light is the fundamental conduit for the vision process. The eyes take in information through light. The brain takes the reflective light and organizes it into a visual representation of the individual’s surroundings. Perception relies greatly on the relationship between the mind and the eyes.

Natural Vision Correction

When a person begins to lose eyesight, he or she may seek help by seeing an eye doctor who simply prescribes corrective lenses. However, this approach is unnatural, and it may lead to future eye problems. The trouble with corrective lenses is that they can make eyes weak, leading to a dependency on the lenses.

Gradually, the person wearing glasses find that stronger lenses are necessary. This is because the eyes are weakening, as they are not allowed to focus naturally. Natural vision correction seeks to help the eyes to see more clearly without the unnatural use of corrective lenses.

Benefits of Natural Vision Correction

The benefits of this approach are great considering the importance of vision. People using the natural vision correction techniques have an opportunity to exercise their eyes and their brains. This leads to clearer thinking, improvement in hand-eye coordination, and a great improvement in harmony with surroundings.

• Improved far sightedness
• Improved nearsightedness
• Less strain on the eyes
• Reduced eyeglass dependence
• Focus faster
• Better depth perceptin
• Improved balance

Methods and Techniques

Dr W.H. Bates initially developed aspects of the holistic natural vision correction techniques during the 1920s. The Bates Method is the fundamental component to the approach today. The methods and techniques used involve creating vision habits that are conducive to better eye health. Healthy Vision Habits offers viable techniques to exercise the eyes while adopting habits that can be effective in promoting better vision. Education is a primary element in the process.

Each individual has unique vision needs, and a professional trained to instruct natural vision correction techniques is a necessity. People have the option of having private instruction, workshops, or classes that teach specific techniques suitable for the individual.

Who can Benefit?

People who have the following conditions may benefit from using natural vision correction lessons.

• Near or far sighted
• Astigmatism
• Presbyopia
• Sensitivity to light
• Headaches from eye strain
• Glaucoma
• Macular degeneration
• Eye disease
• Computer eye strain
• Amblyopia
• Strabismus

Other eye-related conditions can be improved using the holistic approach as well. Discussing the approach with a physician is an excellent way to determine if the natural vision correction strategy is right for your specific needs.

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