Magnetic Pulser

Magnetic therapy is a practice that has gone on for centuries, starting in the east. While traditional scientific evidence regarding the efficacy of this treatment is heatedly debated within the scientific community, the positive health benefits attained from those who use it can not be disputed. It is most commonly used to treat pain and discomfort following an injury but is also used for treatment of other health issues. Magnetic therapy is reported to help the body heal faster so the practical applications of magnetic therapy are far reaching.

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What is a Magnetic Pulser?

A magnetic pulser is a device used to administer magnetic therapy. The device sends a concentrated magnetic pulse into the body to the affected areas. The result is increased oxygen and increased blood flow. It eliminates positive ions in the body that can contribute to pain and helps promote faster healing. The pulser itself is available in medical supply stores and on the Internet. However, there are various types of magnetic pulser available and not all are beneficial to the body.

What Type of Magnetic Pulser Should you Get?

There are various types of magnetic pulser available on the market today and a wide array of associated costs. While you should not have to break the bank in order to purchase one, you should also be wary of incredibly inexpensive devices. The adage “too good to be true” holds true here. In order to get maximum effect, make sure to get one that has 30 K Gauss or more. It should also have a high quantity of pulses per second for maximum efficacy. It is best to research each product to be sure it fits within minimum standards before choosing a particular device.

What Can a Magnetic Pulser Treat?

A magnetic pulser is used to treat a variety of ailments from minor discomfort to serious illness in conjunction with other forms of therapy. Tooth aches, back pain, arthritis, skin ailments are common afflictions that benefit from magnetic therapy. Auto immune disorders, cancer and chronic pain issues are also found to benefit from such therapies. Whether occasional or chronic, swelling is reduced and pain decreased in the affected areas. Circulation improves thus promoting faster healing times and recovery. Organs and tissue are strengthened and an overall positive health benefit occurs.

How Long Does it Take?

Magnetic therapy has been in use as an alternative medicine for many years. Even if used in conjunction with traditional medicines, the positive health benefits seem to be indisputable. Treatment of minor discomfort and pain can see positive results immediately or within a few days with regular treatment. More serious ailments may require frequent treatments over the course of several weeks before the benefits can be seen and felt.

There is much dispute among medical professionals regarding the efficacy of using a magnetic pulser. Some of the controversy lies in the use of substandard mechanism for the treatment. The other issue is the lack of provable scientific reports that show consistent results. However, people who regularly use a magnetic pulser for their medical issues report improvement in pain reduction and overall health.

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