Many people today look to natural products to wear and consume so that they are not exposed to additives and chemicals that may be harmful to the body. However, one aspect of living more naturally is often overlooked. This is in the form of makeup. The beauty industry is a multi billion dollar venture and comprises many large corporations. Often it includes animal testing and harsh chemicals that may ultimately damage the skin. However, there are natural solutions out there that are just as effective, will have you looking beautiful and keep your skin clean and healthy.

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What is Natural Makeup?

Foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, eye liner, mascara and facial powder are all available as natural makeup but what exactly does that mean. There are no strict regulations regarding promotion of natural makeup so you need to be careful that natural actually means natural and not just fancy advertising campaigns. It should not contain any artificial colors or preservatives. It should not have synthetic ingredients. It should not have been subjected to animal testing. It should not be made from animal products or contain any pesticide residue. Some products that claim they are “natural” may contain some but not all of these criteria, so read the label and research products before purchase.

Where to Find Natural Makeup

Natural makeup is becoming increasingly popular and can be found in most places makeup is sold. Malls typically carry natural makeup lines but these can get fairly expensive. You can find a good selection of makeup at discount stores, super centers and pharmacies. Natural and whole food stores also carry a selection of makeup products as do beauty supply stores. For the most selection and lowest price, though, the Internet is the best option. You can choose from the type you want and get them relatively inexpensively. You also have the added advantage of being able to research each product and get independent reviews.

Cost of Natural Makeup

Because “going green” is not only beneficial to the body and the earth but it is also in vogue, many corporations are jumping on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, this often means inflated prices. It can be over twice the cost of the typical makeup products that are so familiar. However, with a little research, you can obtain healthy, natural makeup products at a lower cost. This is especially true if you look to natural and holistic stores and on the Internet. So, do not be dissuaded by a seemingly high price as there are many products that are available at a reasonable cost.

Natural makeup is beneficial to both the body and the earth. Using products that do not contain artificial colors, are used in animal testing or contain synthetic ingredients is beneficial to the earth and allows you to continue your “green” philosophy in all aspects of life. But, there are also significant health benefits as well. Your skin will not be exposed to harsh chemicals that may ultimately damage the skin. So, you can look and feel great with natural makeup while continuing positive benefits to the environment.

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