Chinese Massage

Chinese massage therapy is one of the oldest massage therapies that is available. Its benefits are far greater than many other massage techniques. While it is incredibly beneficial for pain, tension, sports injuries and repetitive injuries, it can also be used to treat health conditions. While a Chinese massage may seem like a great way to relax, the fact that it can improve your physical and mental well being is even more impressive.

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Chinese massage therapy has been described as needless acupuncture. It even uses the same techniques as acupuncture to diagnose clients, including listening to the client’s pulse and viewing the tongue. The therapist looks for disharmonies in the body and treats them by focusing on making the blood flow correctly and the Qi, or internal energies are moving properly. By modifying these, the body works in a more harmonious fashion. Pain can even be changed or eliminated by working with blood flow and Qi energy.

The therapy can be used safely on children, as well as adults for sports medicine treatment as well as prevention of disease and injuries. There are a number of styles or approaches to Chinese massage therapy, including the Anmo, Tui na and Dian Xeu.


The word Anmo is actually two words; An, meaning press and mo meaning rub. Anmo is a relaxation massage technique. It works out stiffness and tension in the muscles. It can be used first to help relax the client before moving on to other styles.

Tui Na

Tui means push and Na means grasp. Tui Na is more therapeutic in nature. The therapist uses it to treat illness, disease or injury. While it can treat muscle problems, it is more powerful than that and can be effective to treat specific illnesses and disease, even alleviating symptoms of colds and the flu.

Dian Xeu

Dian means to press with the fingers and Xue means on pressure points. This style is literally translates into acupuncture with no needles. Instead of needles, the therapist presses with their fingers on the same pressure points an acupuncture therapist would place a needle.

Contained with Chinese massage therapy are about 24 techniques that are utilized. Each technique is designed to affect the Qi and flow of blood in a different way. Through these techniques, Qi can be raised or dispersed and the body sedated or invigorated and the blood flow can be modified in similar ways.

Often times, Chinese massage is only part of the therapy process. Most therapists that offer true Chinese massage are also able to do acupuncture and will have a great knowledge of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. During treatment, the client will be asked about their diet and activity level. They may specify diet changes and encourage the client to begin exercising, possibly with tai chi or yoga. They recommend these to help maximize the benefits of the massage and try to reduce the number of visits a client needs to be fully balanced and healthy.

If you are looking for a massage that offers not only therapeutic benefits but actual health benefits then Chinese massage therapy is definitely something to consider. It is safe and can lead you to a healthier life.

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