Gyratory Massage

Gyratory massage is an all encompassing term used to describe a type of deep tissue massage. Generally this technique is used with the assistance of a machine that has several different applicator heads. These heads simulate various types of massage for an intense session. It increases blood flow, aiding in circulatory issues. It also assists in lymphatic flow, breaking down fat stores to reduce the appearance of cellulite and fatty tissue. This form of massage is relaxing and does wonders for the overall appearance of the body and skin. Sometimes gyratory massage is used in conjunction with manual massage techniques. The manual manipulations will help relax and the use of the massage machine will conduct a deeper tissue massage.

gyratory massage Massage   Gyratory Massage

Benefits of Gyratory Massage

Gyratory massage is commonly used to improve the appearance of the body, relax muscles and assist with weight loss and overall body image. Because of the increased lymphatic flow, the fatty tissues are broken down and the appearance of cellulite is drastically reduced. For maximum results, it is recommended to start off with a six week course of treatment. After you see results, you can reduce the frequency to monthly sessions for simple maintenance. It can also be used in more gentle sessions for infant massage and for relaxation in just about anyone. People who suffer from muscle aches and pains can see an improvement. Anyone who is having a stressful day can also see immediate improvement after a session.

Where Can you Get Gyratory Massage?

Many full service spas and salons offer gyratory massage as a part of their massage therapy offerings. There are also smaller massage clinics that specialize in this type of massage. Some malls are even offering a type of gyratory chair massage for shoppers in fifteen minute increments. This way you can take a quick break from shopping and relax for awhile. If you do not want to go to a spa or private massage therapist, though, you can actually perform this at home. There are machines available that you can purchase so you can use it at home and get the same benefits. You can get various heads and have your own unit that can be used whenever is convenient for you. While the unit itself is not inexpensive, it will pay for itself over time. Gyratory massage takes anywhere from half an hour to an hour per session.

Types of Heads Available

One of the advantages of gyratory massage is the many different heads that are available for use, each one providing its own unique sensation. Depending on your particular needs, you can use one or a variety of different heads. Various sensations are simulated with each attachment. There are also specific attachments that are intended for use on particular parts of the body. For example, you can get a micro skin and scalp adapter to use on your head and neck. This gives you a relaxing head massage that can greatly relieve stress and increase circulation.

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