Hakomi Massage

Hakomi is a type of psychotherapy that combines the mind-body experience to supplement therapy for those who want to improve their every day performance. Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques are combined to provide this unique form of massage therapy. There are many uses for this type of therapy and as long as a person wants to change their attitude for the better they can make significant advances. They will see an improvement in their ability to perform as well as their overall attitude regarding the task at hand. Healing is promoted with the use of natural techniques and an all around nurturing environment.

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How Does Hakomi Massage Work?

Hakomi massage is therapy that combines energy work from the therapist as well as the patient. It is not something the massage therapist performs strictly on the subject but is a collaborative effort between both parties. Non violence is an essential component to this massage, incorporating gentle body manipulation along with a connection with the mind and soul.

Who can Benefit from Hakomi Massage?

Hakomi massage is a wide ranging therapy that can benefit many people with a variety of different issues. Families involved with stress or marital issues can find a relaxing environment in which to become more attuned to their emotional and mental state so they can work on any issues. Individuals who have been through a crisis find the techniques relaxing and therapeutic in helping to cope with the problems associated with their trauma. Athletes have found the massage techniques, in conjunction with the mental aspects to increase their performance and assist in accomplishing their goals.

What Does Hakomi Massage do for you?

Hakomi massage both relaxes and rejuvenates, opening the gateway for enhanced healing. You will feel a sense of caring and nurturing within a safe, secure environment, enabling you to accomplish your goals culminating in a general sense of well being. You will feel at ease with a release of tension in your body and muscles. You will feel more balanced as the energy flows through you. Finally you will have a more conscious awareness of self, mind and body. Whether you have physical, mental or emotional imbalances in your life, Hakomi massage will help you deal with and correct them.

Where Can You Find Hakomi Massage Therapists

Hakomi massage is becoming increasingly popular but it can still be a little difficult to find. Contact your local massage therapy schools and holistic centers to research where you may find a therapist in your area. The Internet provides a plethora of sources for this type of massage and most major cities have at least a few places where you can go. Some of the more progressive spas may also provide this type of therapy in your area.

Hakomi massage is a highly beneficial type of therapy that incorporates the mind and body. Combining non violent techniques and a collaborative effort between therapist and patient, Hakomi massage can help you eliminate both physical ailments and emotional stresses in your life.

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