Holistic Massage

When people think of the word “holistic”, it often conjures up images of alternative therapies and natural medicine. This is not inaccurate per se but it is not the complete definition. Holistic is derived from a Greek word meaning “whole”. The goal of holistic medicine is to not only treat symptoms but to determine the root cause of the problem and treat the entirety of the problem. Practitioners of holistic therapies have an extensive knowledge of diet, physiology, anatomy and general health in order to treat the whole body. The same holds true when discussing specific therapies such as holistic massage.

holistic massage Massage   Holistic Massage

Health Benefits of Holistic Massage

Holistic massage concentrates on both the mind and the body. It can rejuvenate and relax, making you better prepared for dealing with the day to day stresses we all face. The massage releases negative energy and toxins so the body is balanced and filled with positive energy. This promotes health and well being. Aching muscles, headaches, stress and tension are all relieved with holistic massage. The benefits can be felt immediately. However, it also has long lasting effects to help increase overall health. When you are relaxed and have a positive mindset, you are less likely to get ill or suffer the effects of minor aches, pains and illnesses.

How do you Start with Holistic Massage?

In holistic massage the goal is to rebalance the body, remove any toxins and restore the natural, positive energy that promotes good health. The first thing you need to do is to find an holistic massage therapist. The best way to find one is to check with friends and family who may have had it done and are pleased with the results. If you are starting from scratch you can check with local holistic centers, full service spas or health food shops for referrals. Make sure you speak with the therapist before booking an appointment to make sure you get a positive feel from the therapist.

What Does an Holistic Massage Entail?

Once you have found a therapist, you will likely spend a little time in your first session discussing your health history. The therapist will ask you about any medications you are on and any ailments you have, chronic or temporary. This information allows the therapist to customize the massage to your particular needs. If you have anything new that crops up, make sure to tell the therapist so adjustments can be made as needed.

The therapist will then start the massage based on your needs. It will be relaxing and pleasant and you will feel rejuvenated afterward. After an holistic massage the therapist may also give you advice on how to maintain the overall positive effects of the massage which may include diet, exercise and lifestyle tips. Depending on your particular needs your therapist may recommend a course of treatment that may include weekly holistic massages or a frequency that will give you optimum benefits. Consistent holistic massages will keep you in good health and spirits for a total mind and body experience.

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