Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage or champissage is a technique used in alternative therapy to stimulate energy centers. The face, head and neck are gently massaged to clear blockages built up by negative energy. When there is a build up of negative energy the immune system is not able to combat ailments as effectively. Stress, body aches and various minor pains can be decreased with the use of this technique. It has been available throughout Europe for many years but was introduced to western culture in the 1970’s by an Indian massage therapist.

indian massage Massage   Indian Head Massage

For nearly 4,000 years, head massage has been popular in Indian culture. Not only was it determined to have positive health benefits for relieving stress and pain but it also promoted healthy hair and scalp. The oils and spices used to massage into the scalp and head made hair long and lustrous and was reported to prevent hair loss in men and women alike. More and more massage therapists are adding Indian head massage to their arsenal of techniques to relax and promote health. It can also be found in many full service spas.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

In today’s society people lead hectic lifestyles and deal with daily stresses in their work and personal lives. This build up of negative energy can lead to headaches, muscle pain, depression and fatigue. Touch therapy in many forms has physiological benefits. Using Indian head massage can alleviate the body of the toxins that build up from daily stresses. The techniques for Indian head massage include massaging the face, forehead, cheeks and chin. The ears are also incorporated as is the head, upper back and neck. In addition to the simple massage techniques, energy work and chakra balancing are also incorporated for a total mind and body experience.

How is Indian Massage Done?

There are several different massage techniques that are used during the process. These are typically done in sequence but depending on the patient, more time can be spent on particular areas. If there is stress in a particular area, the therapist may concentrate more time on that spot than others. Generally it starts off with a massage of the upper back shoulders and nape of the neck. It then continues to the scalp, ears and side of the head. The massage then moves down to the forehead and temples to relieve pressure and stress. The massage culminates with gentle manipulation of the face.

The relaxing benefits of this type of massage have proven invaluable to busy professionals. In fact, many companies are investing in this massage as a substitute to the traditional chair massage as a benefit to employees. It allows the employee a break and rejuvenates them, encouraging increased productivity in a stress free environment. Even if this is not supplied by the company, you should occasionally indulge in Indian head massage to help cope with the daily pressures of a busy lifestyle.

Holistic and alternative medical practitioners also cite Indian head massage as a positive way to supplement other treatments. The relaxing effects that promote circulation and unblock negative energy can be highly conducive to assisting with healing and overall health.

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