Lithos Therapy

Nature is filled with many wondrous elements that offer viable options for optimal health. Lithos therapy is a prime example of a therapeutic approach that uses natural elements to promote healing, energy renewal, and overall improved health. Some assert that the improvements are experienced on a spiritual level as well.

lithos therapy Lithos Therapy

Lithos therapy uses stones as the main conductor of healing and rejuvenation. The process involves a stark contrast in temperature as well. The rock therapies have been used throughout the course of history, making them some of the most time-revered approaches to improving health. The ancient tradition stems from the notion that heat and cold channeled through rocks can heal and cleanse the body.

Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy

Thermotherapy relates to heat treatments and cryotherapy relates to cold treatments. Combining the two sensations is a time-honored tradition that spans across a number of different cultures. Heat and cold treatments that use stones are found in many places over time:

• Native Americans visited sweat lodges that incorporated heated stones.
• Scandinavians use stones in steam rooms and saunas, followed by a dip in icy-cold water.
• Russian black stones are traditionally heated and put into baths.
• Contrasting temperatures in water are integral to Korean and Japanese bathhouses.
• The use of warm stones to treat sore muscles is a Chinese tradition that has lasted over 3000 years.
• Some Hawaiians use lava rocks that they wrapped in thick leaves for healing.

Using contrasted temperatures with rocks as a conduit is a practice that has seen much success over the centuries, and the tradition is still prevalent in many cultures.

Lithos Therapy Today

Lithos therapy continues today with a very strong following. Proponents of this approach include Shirley MacLane, an individual well known for her spirituality and for her visionary character. The process may appear to be ritualistic in nature, but it has a scientific foundation.

The therapy bases itself as a means to improve circulatory functioning throughout the body. It does this by using heated stones to massage the muscles. The process opens blood vessels, allowing rich originated blood to reach cells more effectively. Nourished cells are better able to function properly and are more likely to be rejuvenated in the process.

The cold elements in lithos therapy cause the blood vessels to become narrow. This reduces swelling and inflammation and it also causes the vessels to vacillate between expanding and contracting, offering a type of soothing workout for the circulatory system.

Benefits of Lithos Therapy

The body benefits from the gentle stimulation of the circulatory system because the cells are able to receive more oxygen and nutrients than they would under normal conditions. The process also helps to alleviate the body of inflammation and swelling. Other benefits include:

• Deep muscle massage occurs because the heated rocks stimulate the deeper muscle tissues.
• Detoxification occurs because the weight of the rocks pushes toxins out of soft tissue, moving them into the lymphatic system.
• Cold stones promote healing for injuries.
• Chilled rocks reduce redness and soothes the skin.

The tradition of lithos therapy has stood the test of time. Incorporating this therapeutic process into a regular regimen is an ideal approach to improving cell function while promoting relaxation.

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