Looyen Work

Looyen work is a relatively new massage technique that was created by Ted Looyen. The massage approach was developed in the 1980s after Mr. Looyen became frustrated with the pain associated with deep massage therapies. The system is unusual in that it works on a physical as well as an emotional level.

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The American Massage Therapy Association recognizes Looyen work as a legitimate form of therapeutic massage. The approach is ideal for people who need to address psychological as well as physical needs. Some of the following circumstances may be perfect for Looyen Work:

• Post-injury massage therapy
• Anxiety
• Painful conditions
• Stress
• Life-changing events

Life Changing Events

One may be surprised that a session in therapeutic massage can help them work through a life-changing event. When a person undergoes a highly stressful change, the tension builds deep within the muscles. The tense response is natural and it works on a subconscious level, making it impossible to control.

Achieving deep relaxation through meditation is often not enough for optimal results. The subconscious mind may hold on to the tension because it is used to dealing with stressors in this manner. Looyen Work helps the person work through the tension on a physical level.

Mind and Body Connection

The mind-body connection is quite prevalent in alternative medicine, and Looyen Work is a prime example of an approach that helps people on a psychological as well as a physical level. This is ideal for optimal benefits because the mind and the body are working together to reach the same goal.

The patient is encouraged to work through emotions during the massage therapy. This helps on a number of different levels. The mind is focused on processing the emotions rather than focusing on the discomfort. The process promotes:

• Release of subconscious muscle tension
• Emotional processing
• Distraction from pain
• Physical and emotional comfort
• Reflection
• Improve range of motion
• Remove adhesions
• Re-patterning the muscles

Muscular Re-Patterning

The muscles naturally respond to mental processes automatically. Sometimes the patterned responses are detrimental to the proper functioning of the body. Looyen Work stimulates the muscles systematically, without pain, and in a way that is conducive to automatically relaxed responses. Ideally, the process prevents tension from building in the muscles of the body in the future.

A massage therapist trained in Looyen Work may integrate the approach with other techniques for optimal benefits. For example, when focusing on re-patterning, the therapist may merge this technique with Aston Kinetics for maximum results.

Optimal Benefits

Finding the right massage therapist is of the utmost importance since the approach relies heavily on interpretation. Each therapist has a unique strategy for incorporating this technique. Some prefer to merge the technique with other types of massage therapies or general deep tissue massage, while others like to focus strictly on Looyen Work.

It is important to remember that this approach is as much psychological as it is physical. Using your mind in medatitive focus is a wonderful way to reap the optimal benefits of using Looyen Work. This type of massage can help your body by teaching you how to work through emotions more effectively.

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