Kinergetics is the practice of correcting and locating emotional and metaphysical causes of disease. It is non-invasive, effective, and simple. Similar to other Kinesiology systems, it uses biofeedback to identify imbalance, stress, and dysfunction. By finding the cause and working with natural means of healing, the imbalances are fixed at a deeper level, which brings about long-term change.kinergetics Kinergetics

Kinergetics uses life energy to release pain and stress. It uses universal healing through life energy and corrects dysfunction. The energy is channelled through the hands of the healer, and moves into the glands, organs, muscles, and energy centres of the client. It is fast, and non-invasive, which enables the imbalances to be released from the body.It is painless, and brings balance and clarity to the mind and body. The healing is done on the cellular level, and combines western and eastern healing techniques.

Benefits of Kinergetics

Kinergetics relieves a range of emotional and physical issues. Because it accesses the subconscious when working, it relieves stress and pain at a deep, long-lasting level. It helps relieve headaches and migraines, as well as offering relief from allergies. It helps the body utilise water, and clears up skin conditions.

The body houses energy plans, and if these become damaged, the body must heal in order to rebuild itself in a healthy manner. The body is made up of energy, and when stress builds up, it can cause blockages to this energy. Blocked energy can build up and manifest as disease. The aim of Kinergetics is to strengthen the weakened areas by balancing the energies of the body, enabling the body to heal and repair.

Kinergetics clears physical and emotional blockages. It helps release negative memories, and dissolves negative conditioning. It is important to clear self-limiting beliefs and let the sabotage that we bring on ourselves go. It is important to embrace and heal this inner child that still suffers from these memories. Phobias can be cleared, and soul integration can occur.

Why Kinergetics Works

First, understand that Kinergetics does not always work. Most new clients require hydration balance, and the muscles need to relate to the meridians and organs that are being worked with. It works on the metaphysical level, and students have been known to improve their eyesight, improve body structure, and release self-sabotaging mechanism.

What’s the difference between Kinergetics and Kinesiology?

Kinergetics is a modality of Kinesiology, and it brings all of the modalities together in a logical manner. Many students that struggle with Kinesiology lessons find that incorporating Kinergetic teachings helps their studies. Kinergetics also helps them to combine the new modalities that they have learned in an effective, and sensible manner. Kinergetics take Kinesiology practices a step further, allowing those knowledgeable in the study of Kinesiology to create more holistic treatments.

What is the difference between Applied Physiology and Kinergetics

Applied Physiology is based on the all-encompassing love principle, and the practitioner is able to work to the deepest core in their patient, and address organ connection through the meridians. Many people that are drawn to the study of anatomy and physiology find Applied Physiology very appealing. Kinergetics is able to do all of the things Applied Physiology does, but works in a simple and fast manner, while also addressing spiritual awareness and education. It is a holistic treatment that uses energy healing and vibrational energy. Kinergetics is a newer practice, and allows Kinesiology practices to be applied in a more modern method, utilising alternative therapies in a holistic manner that goes beyond typical applied physiology. People report quick healing, feelings of great health and strength, and a new outlook on life.

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