Kyda Muscle Therapy

Kyda Therapy is based on a principle that the body is a highly integrated system, and that this is required to maintain balance. The treatment aims to identify the cause of imbalance and attempts to treat that condition, or refer the patient to the appropriate treatment professional. The practice uses a variety of skills and tools to assess the issue and build strength through emotional empowerment.

kyda muscle therapy Kyda Muscle Therapy

Kyda uses a series of movements across the soft tissue and applies pressure that is determined by the depth of the issue in the muscle. This creates a balance between the skeletal system and muscles, and restores the natural energy flow to certain areas of the body. This treatment helps to release and balance the distortions that may be in the body, and removes the holding pattern of pains that may be locked in the body.

The three levels of Kyda Muscle Therapy

Level one is the treatment causation. It consists of the initial treatment, and searches to identify the cause of the discomfort. Level two is the stabilisation. During this phase, the body becomes familiar with the new balance that has been restored to it. Level three is a continuing program of treatment, and the phase in which the client becomes aware of their new balance.

The Philosophy and Approach of Kyda Muscle Therapy

The main goal of Kyda Muscle Therapy is to remove the issue that is causing the pain or dysfunction and replaces it with flow and balance. Stress causes the issue through organ imbalance, physical injury, emotional blocks, and dysfunctional life style. The body is a reflection of all the past experiences it has had, and it holds those experience in its posture and its movements. The Kyda approach is to come at the body with a series of soft tissue moves that affect the muscle fibres of the body.

What to Expect from a Kyda Muscle Therapy Treatment

The first visit will include an assessment, and will note the medical history of the patient, and review injuries and accidents, as well as other relevant details. The visit will also include a postural assessment, which will help with determining the cause of the condition. In conclusion, a treatment plan is discussed.

Subsequent visits will more than likely be weekly, and the most chronic conditions will be treated over a long period of time, with less visits as things improve. The postural assessment is vital to the treatment because it allows for the practitioner to find the deformities and identify the cause of the problems. These distortions can lead to limited nerve supplies to vital organs, leading to more illness.

Patients will notice relief after their treatment immediately. There will be muscle and tendon release, which will lead to relief from symptoms. The body will move through a realignment phase, and there will be some minor aching and pains, similar to how one feels after a strenuous workout or deep massage. The patient may also be given some stretching suggestions to do between treatments.

Benefits of Kyda Muscle Therapy

Kyda may hold the key to permanent pain relief. It is a combination of Chinese organ massage, chiropractic, and osteopathic treatments. Most people will have a need at some point for health practitioners to relieve their aching and sore muscles. Kyda combines the soft tissue, the skeletal system and the meridians into one element of treatment

The treatment is built on the premise that the muscles move the bones, and if the bones are misaligned, the muscles will be what is holding them out of place. It is considered necessary to treat the muscle dysfunction in order to correct the bone imbalances. When the meridians become stagnant, muscles spasm, and in order to fix imbalances, muscles spasms must be corrected.

History of Kyda Muscle Therapy

Kyda Muscle Therapy mixes important aspects of osteopathy and chiropractic treatments. Because the muscles are the prime moves of the skeletal system, if the muscles are not working correctly, the bones and joints will not be healthy either. The practitioners of Kyda Muscle Therapy are trained to find the misalignments, find the responsible muscles, and release the tension.

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