Integrated BioDynamics

Integrated bio-dynamics combines established techniques into a suite of procedures in order to repair unbalanced physiology and correct structure. It also restores nerve function and energy flows to normal.

Integrated bio-dynamics (IBD) is a suite of therapeutic techniques and diagnostics that are used to locate and heal stressed areas of the body, in an effort to restore the body’s natural balance.

Integrated BioDynamics Integrated BioDynamics

Traditional chiropractic care repairs structure and replenishes normal nerve function. Integrated bio-dynamics take this a step further and corrects the imbalanced functional physiology by bringing back those normal flows of energy. By combining the principles of the two modalities, a remarkably efficient and effective healing treatment.

Like many alternative therapies, these treatments are based on the belief that the body has the ability to heal and regenerate itself.

Integrated BioDynamics Description

Because the brain has total control of the actions and movements of the body, it can be compared to a biological computer. The brain uses its virtual template as a model to regulate both the physical aspects of the body and the ‘emotional body.’ The brain is adept at communicating with the body via a number of routes, which are both chemical and neurological, and some are just energetic.

The purpose of the human nervous system is to run the voluntary functions of the body, and to assist in the running of the involuntary functions such as digestion and heartbeat. This is done in conjunction with chemical systems that are working through the bloodstream.

Over the years, research has shown that a major component of sickness is th inability of the body systems to communicate properly and efficiently. This could be in part because the energy flow breaks down, just as the nervous systems and blood flows break down. Integrated bio-dynamics combines both the traditional physical systems and the energy systems, and uses the awareness of both to create its healing principles.

By combining the work of several healers, bio-dynamics is able to locate and correct these poor energy flows. Pioneers of science and acupuncturists, as well as D. Bruce Dewe, have developed theories stating that these blocked and corrupted energy flows are the reason why people that should be recovering from an illness fail to return to their former healthy state. By using non-invasive therapies, they are able to regenerate this flow and return patients to full health. It is important to note, this energy flow could play a key-role in all illness and poor health.

Integrated BioDynamics Treatment

Integrated bio-dynamics is a combination of the knowledge of human biology with the principles demonstrated in kinesiology and acupuncture. It also incorporates the systems of the meridian energy flows. There are seventy-five reflex areas on the skin and each is representative of the organs, glands and bone structures of the body. Each influences their respective organ, and by applying pressure to the given meridian, the corresponding body area is affected. During this, it is necessary to monitor muscle reactions and determine energy blockages.

During treatment, the practitioner will analyse your situation and determine whether the symptoms you are experiencing are due to emotional trauma, nutritional, injury, or unresolved stress. Patients will take their position on the exam table either in an exam gown or full-clothed. The practitioner will discuss an appropriate combination of chiropractic procedures that will be used to locate and correct any misalignments, and the light acupressure that will influence the corrected body parts. At the conclusion of the procedure, the practitioner may recommend a variety of nutritional supplements, homoeopathic preparations, energetic medications such as Bach flower essences, and tissue salts.

Frequency and length of treatment will vary from person to person. Specifics of the treatment will depend upon the patient’s age, length of time the injury or illness has been present, the nature of the disorder, and the individual’s response to the treatment.

Integrated BioDynamics Benefits

Bio-dynamics is based upon the supposition that the body is capable of repairing and regenerating itself. It combines pre-established theories and techniques to offer an efficient and thorough healing model. Short term, recipients should expect relief from stress and confusion, relief from pain and depressive tendencies, fatigue and digestive disorders, and tiredness, and chronic pain. Longer term, one should expect to combat allergies, enhance learning disorders, boost sports performance, enhance learning ability, overcome phobias and aid in the healing of subsequent injuries.

Those suffering from the following injury and disorders should consider bio-dynamics as a treatment:

asthma, back ache, allergies, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, elbow pain, hip pain, headaches, joint pain or problems, lower back pain, knee pain, muscle stiffness and tightness, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, stress and general injury.

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