Interior Alignment

feng shui Interior AlignmentThe process of Interior Alignment is a system that offers a unique way of understanding your home or business and how it affects your values and goals. With the use of Feng Shui, personal life coaching and space clearing, your home can become a vehicle for growth and you will find that the use of Interior Alignment can open your life to miracles.

The system blends the best of western and eastern Feng Shui and its mission is to restore balance by changing one space at a time. The unique thing about Interior Alignment is its all encompassing nature, putting to use spiritual, mental and physical practices in order to enrich the lives of the practitioners and the clients.

Feng Shui

The ancient Chines system of Feng Shui utilises the laws of heaven and earth to improve lives by receiving positive Qi. The words “feng” and “shui” translate to “wind” and “water” in English. The belief is that the energy of the wind scatters the Qi, but water retains that same energy. Many that practise Feng Shui today believe that the practice is limited to arranging objects, such as furniture in order to achieve personal goals. The tradition of the practice though carries the belief further and influences the choice of where to live, where to be buried, and agricultural planning. Part of the basic belief is that the heavens influence earth. While this may seem an impossibility to some people, consider proven science. There is weather in space which has an effect on technology on earth, as well as birds and wildlife. There have also been further proposals that space weather has affected human behaviour and fluctuations in market prices.

moh118 Interior AlignmentInterior Alignment – Denise Linn

Denise Linn, author of thirteen best-selling books, is an expert on sacred space and Feng Shui. Linn also teaches the practices of Feng Shui in over nineteen countries. Denise Lynn has the ability to use guided visualisations in Syncro-alignment practice, which enable her Interior Alignment practice to have phenomenal and life-changing results. The star of several documentaries, Denise Lynn has also produced education videos on the practices of Feng Shui and sacred space. She is the founder of the International Institute of Interior Alignment and currently speaks at conferences on the subjects of Feng Shui for the soul, past life regression workshops, and soul coaching.

International Institute of Interior Alignment

The International Institute of Interior Alignment supports practitioners and teachers, and creates opportunities for both to further their education in the field, as well as offering a supportive business atmosphere and ongoing communication among associates. The organisation allows independent circles of practitioners to coordinate toward accomplishing the day to day operations of their Interior Alignment practices. The practitioners come from all over the world and practice space clearing, home healing, and Feng Shui. Many have also participated as teams in large scale commercial design projects.

Interior Alignment Certification Levels

The certification levels are as follows:

MEIA: This is a Master Educator of Interior Alignment who has completed all levels of training needed to teach new practitioners, teach Advanced IA courses and also to participate with the Elder council in the selection of and training of new Master Teachers.

TAIA: This Teacher of Advanced Interior Alignment has completed all levels of training needed to teach new practitioners of Interior Alignment, and teach the Advanced Interior Alignment course.

MTIA: A Master Teacher of Interior Alignment has completed all levels of training needed to teach new practitioners of Interior Alignment.

AIA: An Advanced Interior Alignment Practitioner that has completed advanced training in instinctive Feng Shui and space clearing principals. They have also completed all requirements as CPIA.

CPIA: A Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment that has completed training in instinctive Feng Shui and space clearing. The training follows standards set for Feng Shui professionals in terms of requirements. These practitioners have proven their skills in Feng Shui concepts, space clearing and Syncro-Alignment.

CPSC: This Certified Practitioner of Space Clearing has completed the sacred space/space clearing portion of Interior Alignment training.

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