HEC Remedial Therapy

HEC Remedial Therapy (Human, Equine, Canine), is a form of holistic treatment designed to assist in the restoration of muscoloskeletal function. Working on a fascial level, it incorporates various soft tissue techniques to stimulate pressure points, trigger points, tendons, ligaments and nerve cell receptors.

Practitioners of HEC Remedial Therapy understand that when a person or animal is unfit or lacking in physical condition, this can lead to muscle fatigue or injury. Living creatures when confronted by emotional or physical trauma will go into a condition of nervous system overload, commonly referred to as the “fight or flight” response. HEC Remedial Therapy attempts to create a balance in the nervous system, normalising dysfunctional patterns in order for they body’s natural healing processes to operate efficiently.

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Helen Andrews-Smith, a professional therapist who has practised since 1982, has worked to teach and develop HEC Remedial Therapy. Over the past twenty years, Helen Andrews-Smith has lectured on animal husbandry, health and complementary therapy, organic farm and animal management, rehabilitation and self help for injury management. Helen has spoken at hospitals, schools, community health groups, private organisations, clubs, agricultural field days, live stock and food producers expos as well as in private training and tuition.

Since her early childhood, Helen Andrews-Smith has been in contact with animals, especially dogs, horses and domestic agricultural livestock. Helen has bred and raised horses, dogs, meat goats, cattle, pigs and poultry for commercial and show purposes. Her accreditations include The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), Australian Traditional Medicine Association (ATMS), and also the Holistic Animal Therapists Association Australia (HATAA).

Helen Andrews-Smith has developed a combination of remedial and physical techniques based on the discoveries which she has made in experiences with animals and people.

How HEC Remedial Therapy Can Help

HEC remedial therapy can help with injury recovery and prevention. It may improve performance, improve posture and structural balance and enhance general wellbeing. Inevitably, any activity involving speed and stamina will result in injury. Appropriate rehabilitation and treatment of injuries will lead to a positive outcome. Full athletic performance can thereby be seen as both achievable and maintainable.

HEC remedial therapy is considered effective and safe on animals and people, for a wide variety of muscoloskeletal problems. HEC remedial therapy may be safe for use in conjunction with medical, veterinary and other professional treatments.

Through HEC remedial therapy, the following conditions may be managed or ameliorated: migraines, asthma, soft tissue trauma, chronic pain, work injury, sport injury, arthritis, fibro myalgia, arrhythmia neuritis, endocrine disorders, cardiovascular injury, lymphatic congestion, pregnancy pain, scoliosis, post surgery recover, colic, constipation, chronic fatigue, sciatic pain, spinal disorders and knee problems. It is important that each case is treated and assessed individually.

HEC Remedial Therapy Education and Training

HEC remedial therapy is a unique combination of techniques from a variety of modalities. It has developed over a period of 23 years and is continually being improved upon.

Quality training and tuition programmes for HEC remedial therapy are available for those wishing to learn this effective and safe technique. A typical HEC Remedial Therapy course will cover some or all of the following: body assessment techniques, detection of muscoloskeletal imbalance, postural analysis, simple joint bio-mechanics/abnormalities, muscle test techniques, gait analysis, common muscoloskeletal disorders, working muscle lines, structural alignment stretches, massage and soft tissue techniques. Courses may be delivered through face to face tuition or through external study modules.

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