Hado Healing

Known as Hado in Japanese, the vibrating patterns that are present within the minute atomic level of all matter, which happens to be the absolute smallest measurable unit of life, sees its basis within the energy of the human consciousness. Also referred to as “photon,” Hado is defined as particles of light originating from a higher dimension along with the help of invisible magneto-electric waves.

hado Hado Healing

This energy is harnessed for purpose of healing, as is done by Sensei Yoshiko, as well as in the psychic surgical practices conducted by Sensei Nestor Labo, who provide treatment via what is known as hand healing. This practice entails the use of touch and energy, gently placing the hands over the affected area transmitting energy to generate healing. While pain is usually not an issue, some people report vague sensations of discomfort or intense heat in response to the exchange of energy and the extraction of negative energy forces.

Hado Healing History and Discovery

While Hado may seemingly be a new concept, it has actually been in existence within the Japanese culture for many centuries and when translated literally, its definition is vibration or wave motions. Over the last few decades, Hado has been mentioned in the worlds of science and quantum physics, as well as philosophy, with a more recent definition surfacing and expanding into the spiritual realm of healing and positive transformation using this form of energy.

Soon after the inception of NASA, scientists soon realised that astronauts suffering an injury while in space did not heal as they should, similar to the phenomenon that happens to those working in submarines. NASA then delved into the possibilities of healing with the use of light emitting diodes, or LEDs, as we know them, in varying colours and intensities for the reduction of pain and healing. Further research and studies revealed positive results with healing times cut in half, accelerated tissue growth and regeneration, as well as no adverse side effects to the treatments.

How Hado Healing Works

Every single cell present within the human body has what is called the mitochondria, which has been likened to the battery or power of the cell itself. By exposing the cells to the Photon-Healing H-168 Superb Array, containing over 160 near infrared light emitting diodes that are adjusted to the correct colour and intensity, the cells are then energised enough to heal themselves.

Hado Healing Therapists

Trained Hado therapists must have undergone personal training by Dr. Masaru Emoto and have fulfilled the course requirements set forth for certification, enabling them to carrying out his same exact teachings and philosophies. The Hado therapist is capable of sharing thoughts and ideas and is able to convey them to others for the purpose of creating a kinder, gentle, and more peaceful world in which to live.

Hado Healing Machines and Light Machines

Hado healing and light machines are used to penetrate the body’s cells and stimulate some degree of electroporation intracellularly by the introduction of micro-amperes of current within the core of the cells. This is said to cause a flood of negatively charged electrons that work to terminate the unwanted free radicals and feed the healthy aspects of production and division, rather than allowing cell abnormalities to occur, such as those that cause cancer.

Hado healing machines also recharge the bio-photon energy present within the cells that is vital in terms of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) activity.

Hado Drinking Water

The following steps outline how to prepare and drink Hado water:

1. Begin with mineral water, preferably bottled in a glass container as plastic tends to pollute it. Tap water is also rather difficult to keep purified due to the chlorine content, which, even after evaporating still affects the structure of the cells molecularly.

2. Store a gallon or two of the mineral water near a music source that is specifically chosen for the purpose of purifying the water. As outlined in both of Dr. Emoto’s books, there are several songs and symphonies that induce the production of viable crystals, including Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and the songs “Amazing Grace” or “Imagine” by John Lennon.

3. Write messages on small pieces of paper, with the first reading “Love and Gratitude,” and the second being the name of some ailment or pain you wish to be gone, and the third reading, “The eternal power of the universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony.” If you like, add another piece with the name of your religion and tape them all to the outside of the jar but facing in toward the water. Make sure none of the messages obscure any others and store the jar near the speakers emanating Hado music.

4. Keep Hado water away from items such as televisions, microwaves, computers, or cell phones as all of these have the potential to destroy the delicate cellular structure of the water.

5. Drink from the Hado jar as often as possible, refilling it as necessary. Take a jar of water when you travel so you will always have some with you, remembering to be thankful as you drink it.

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