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As humans, we are responsible for creating our own situations and circumstances, but often, out of frustration, we then assign the power and responsibility to others for our failures when in all actuality, there is no other person or event that has that type of control over our lives. By creating inner peace and harmony within our own minds, we will surely then find it within our lives.

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In other words, our subconscious minds simply accept whatever it is we choose to believe with our conscious minds. Meaning, whatever you believe about yourself to be true actually becomes true. But fortunately, we have unlimited possibilities and choices to think and feel and believe.

The large majority of people have extremely rigid and often foolish rules and thoughts as to how live should be lived, how they should act, and who they should be. This isn’t to say we are wrong for our actions, but rather doing the best we can with what we know. However, if we had a greater awareness and a better understanding, we would be able to live our lives without limits and the preconceived notions that often hold us back.

As We Grow

When we are very young, the way we first learn about life and the world around us is from the adults in our lives and they way they react, usually our parents. As we grow older, we naturally have a subconscious tendency to mimic or recreate the exact same type of emotional environment we had as children. While this is neither “right” nor “wrong,” it is simply a reflection on the personal relationships we had with our parents, or what we perceived their relationship between each other to be, which would explain the phenomenon of how often we get involved with others who remind us of our mothers and fathers in some capacity.

We also tend to treat ourselves the way we were treated while growing up, scolding and punishing ourselves much in the same way as our parents did. On the other side of the coin, we also encourage and feel good about ourselves as adults the way we were as children.

Heal Your Life — How We Incarnate

Every single person has the inner ability to decide when it’s time to incarnate themselves upon the planet during a certain point in time. The exact time is chosen in order to learn lessons that will help us to better ourselves on our individual paths through life.

We are responsible for choosing our sex, our race, the country we are born in, and also the parents we are born to. Although, as we age and become adults, it’s common for us to blame our parents for our shortcomings, but when in reality, it is us who has chosen them in the first place.

Heal Your Life — Thought Patterns

Human beings tend to think the same things merely out of habit, so much so that it seems as if we have no control over these thoughts, when in all actuality, it was us who came up with the original idea in the first place. Just as we may have difficulty thinking positive things about ourselves, we therefore have the same power to refuse to think negative thoughts as well.

Heal Your Life — Louise Hay

Author, publisher, counsellor, and minister whose works and teachings have touched literally millions of people around the world, Louise Hay, who after many years of working as a counsellor, wrote a guide that outlines how various mental components may affect physical ailments and conditions.

Written in the 1970s, the book Heal Your Body was created to give people a means of improving their health through the use of positive thought patterns. Drawing upon her own battle with cancer, Hay put her personal philosophies into written form as she developed her own intensive program of inner healing. Using a combination of positive affirmations, nutritional cleansing, psychotherapy, and visualisation, Louise Hay was free of cancer within less than a year. Today, she continues to publish invaluable materials that focus on the incredible methods of self-healing.

In Heal Your Life, Ms. Hay conveys her basic philosophies of healing that she has routinely applied in her own life, “Every thought we think is creating our future. We must release the past and forgive everyone.”

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