Heart Resonance Therapy

Heart Resonance Therapy, or HRT as it’s often referred, is said to awaken one’s “divine within” and give them the complete ability to change their lives for the better through a shift of consciousness that now recognises the great power to heal from within.

Although taught primarily in three levels, with a yet a fourth level available, HRT is one whose teachings do not require that one complete level one before progressing further. Also, the system is designed to not only be used on others through the use of therapeutic sessions, but also for one’s own self and the world around them.

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History of Heart Resonance Therapy

Created by Trevor Gollagher over a period of more than thirteen years, Heart Resonance Therapy evolved from a meditation session in the early 1990s when Gollagher became aware of a unique approach to healing as he realised the vibrations caused by the body’s energy affected its ability to heal. While he had been working with matters of energy for numerous years at this point, Gollagher had yet to make the connection between the great importance of energy fields emanating from both our physical and emotional selves.

Illness begins subtlety within our inner energy and gradually spilling out into our physical selves through the manifestation of noticeable symptoms of some sort. Gollagher began experimenting with this concept and did much research and studying of the topic as he soon found himself tapping into another level of awareness and discovering a direct relationship between energy, emotions, and physical conditions. First calling his new system Energybody Therapy, over the years it evolved and transformed into what we now know as Heart Resonance Therapy.

How Heart Resonance Therapy Works

Depending on the level of expertise of the HRT practitioner, there are several beneficial techniques that may be applied during a treatment session. Level One practitioners are able to draw in and then resonate back the powerful flows of energy, affecting the client’s own energy field surrounding them causing it to match the vibrational pull of the positive forces. Negative energies are then transformed into positives, causing the healing process to begin.

Level Two practitioners have the ability to work directly with a client’s entire body, including the organs, muscles, tissue, and DNA of the cells to transform existing stagnation and thereby remove blockages. Level Three practitioners are able to actually clear residual energies that aren’t serving a useful purpose and invoke a deep sense of lasting and profound relaxation.

Heart Resonance Therapy prompts us to find and awaken the divinity within us all and then manipulate energies for improving our lives on many levels while experiencing a higher level of love, compassion, and peace.

How Heart Resonance Therapy Can Help

In terms of self growth, HRT is perhaps one of the most powerful tools available today. And, the more you use Heart Resonance Therapy, the more you find it permeating every aspect of your life. Imagine yourself encased in a comforting cocoon of loving energy, allowing you to exude that to others and giving you a greater perspective of life in general.

The balance achieved by maintaining a special level of knowingness due to the therapy gives one the power to remove themselves from negative situations and attachments, in a sense, breaking free and letting go from the things that hold us back in life or those that cause us harm in some way.

Heart Resonance Therapy Sessions

HRT provides a deep sense of calming relaxation that has the potential to affect one’s life even days after receiving only one treatment session. As energy is transformed and negative thoughts and patterns are broken, the ability to truly experience life and achieve inner peace and healing is present.

HRT has the capacity to change how you think about yourself and the world around you, helping you to become a more caring, loving person who is less worried about the omnipresent superficialities of life. Heart Resonance Therapy will also enhance other forms of therapy you may be seeking or undergoing, and because of its great simplicity yet noted effectiveness, it may just be one of the most beneficial methods of healing we have yet to see in modern times.

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