Holographic Patterning

Holographic Patterning, also known as Holographic Repatterning, (HR) is a healing modality which allows access to the unconscious in order to identify and alter patterns and behaviours that limit a person’s performance, and relations.

holographic patterning Holographic Patterning

The underlying premise of Holographic Patterning is the idea that the unconscious guards self-belief, abilities, and our chances of failure and success. The unconscious mind acts as the guard of the strongest of our emotions. Cognitive therapy methods – which set the conscious mind to changing the unconscious mind – over a number of years, provide very good results over time. Holographic Patterning acts in a similar way, by using efficient techniques that open direct access to the unconscious allowing for faster change and healing.

HR enables people to recognise and alter the patterns that underlie their sickness, pain, unhealthy relationships, career and performance issues.

Holographic Patterning for Groups

The underlying premise of Holographic Patterning is the idea that the unconscious mind guards our beliefs about our abilities and our chances of failure and success.

Group dynamics exploration, cognitive therapy, speakers are all well-known methods that businesses and organisations use for putting the conscious minds of group members to work on changing their unconscious minds. The methods provide adequate results with some over time. Holographic Patterning occurs in a similar way, but a much speedier one, and uses techniques that allow direct access to the unconscious thoughts. Holographic Patterning is an practical and expedient form of team development, and the one that has helped clients and patients achieve the best results.

Chloe Wordsworth

Chloe Wordsworth, the developer of Holographic Patterning, began developing the system in 1990, and experimented with a number of names for the method. She wanted one that reflected the power, depth, and scope of her work. She used the name Holographic Repatterning because in new physics, humans are holographic representations of their universe. While HR is a reflection of the work’s overall concept, Chloe began to study a better name that would reflect the meaning of the work that was being experienced by the practitioners, students, and teachers the world over. Since its inception, Chloe understood that resonance determines man’s ability to change. The things that resonate with us affect what is attracted to us, and into our lives. This recognition is the key concept on which Chloe built her work, and why she also called it the Resonance Repatterning system.

Chloe has created the Resonance Repatterning training curriculum for teachers and students, as well as an “eStore” that offers books and energy healing supplies, and she has published a book for the public on healing tips called Commitment to Life: A Program for Super Health and Vitality. Assuming that all matter consists of vibrating wave patterns of energy, and our resonance is what we experience, Resonance Repatterning complements the new paradigm of theoretical physics. Chloe’s parents were the directors of a progressive school and community at Chiddingstone Castle in England. They were practitioners of organic farming and complementary healing methods and studied alternative health practices. Their belief was that music, play, theater, art, dance, and spiritual connection were essential parts of balanced growth. These early values were what Chloe based her theories on.

Mandira Gazal

Mandira Gazal, another practitioner and developer of Holographic Patterning, is a North Dakota native that has a background in child development. Through years of her practice, Gazal became interested in where two subjects meet. Her work grew more focused in disciplines that explore the environment of people, and how they work in the environment. She studied how the environment affects the health and productivity of individuals, businesses, and groups. Today, her practice includes professional and personal consulting for environmental design and group dynamics. Her work has ranged from studying happiness in the workplace to building healthier, more efficient work spaces. She uses a number of methods to build what the client needs. Gazal has worked with professionals, private groups, individuals, small businesses, children, sport professionals, and animals.

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