moh111 HomotoxicologyA theory of disease was developed by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg known as Homotoxicology, and asserted that the human body’s defence against toxic substances is illness. The length, severity, and type of illness is determined by the level of toxin that the body is fighting against. The body is trying to restore the chemical balance through illness, and fight through the clogging that occurs in blood vessels and cells when toxins are present in the body. Homotoxicology is also know as Homoeopath, which actually translates to “the study of toxins in man.”

These toxins enter our bodies through drugs, food, drink, and the environment. If we use an effective method of ridding out bodies of the toxins, they will exit quickly, and not clog up our body systems. This means that one of the key components of Homotoxicology is detoxification, and aiding the body in removing these toxins. This can mean different things for different people. Once the detoxification process is complete, Homotoxicology helps to strengthen the organs in the body and to balance and regulate the immune system.

Six Phase Table

The six-phase table is a part of homotoxicosis that was created by Reckeweg and further expanded over time to include additional details. It shows the relationship between the intensity of the clogging and the possible health consequences. There are six columns in the table that show increasing toxin loads relative to the disruptions they cause in a variety of organs. On the other side of the table is a progressive list of illness, followed by a tracking of improvements in health as the body is detoxified.

For instance, the table shows that the humoral phase is illustrated by increased elimination of bodily fluids, and inflammation. The matrix phase shows deeper, more serious damage occurs, and the effects become very difficult to reverse without outside help. The cellular phase is the phase where permanent damage is evident.

Treatment in Homotoxicology is based on the following practices and principles:

Supplementary anti-homotoxic measures that unclog enzyme systems and activate the metabolism

Avoidance of additional toxins such as household toxins, tobacco smoke, and food additives.

The usage of disease-specific antihomotoxic medications to treat imbalances and disease. The combination of medicines developed by Reckeweg are meant to restore a feeling of health by eliminating toxins. Research has shown that Reckeweg’s remedies do have an effect on cell structure.

Classic homoeopathic remedies work by flushing toxins from the system, and improve the function of each organ. Many studies have confirmed that the medicines are as effective as standard allopathic treatments, can be covered under health insurance, and typically achieve the desired effects.

History of Homotoxicology

Many are surprised by the storied history of Homotoxicology. Dr. Reckeweg was both a homoeopath and a Naturopath. When he realised his results were not exactly what he was seeking for patients, he determined it was because regardless of what he was prescribing, they were still be subjected to the toxins in their environments. He felt he needed to address the base of the disease, and eliminate the toxins prior to prescribing treatments to strengthen an unhealthy body. In essence, he wanted to start with a clean slate. His solution was to develop remedies that had the ability to support multiple body systems at the same time.

Science Behind Homotoxicology

Dr. Reckeweg was unwilling to treat patients with the medicines that were being developed during his time, but he did have a desire to be aware of what was being prescribed by more traditional practitioners. He wanted clinical trials for his remedies, so there would be clear science behind his theories. His methods are part of the minority of alternative therapies that currently have clinical trial research in much the same way as mainstream medical drugs. This means that his methods garner more respect in the medical field, and may general practitioners use his methods as part of holistically treating patients.

Description of Homotoxicology Therapy

Homotoxicology asserts that all disease or illness begins with a buildup of toxins in the systems of the body. Paired with sound nutrition, Homotoxicology can be paired with other therapies, including traditional medicine, to allow the patient to feel immediate comfort, while also working over time to eliminate the toxins. For each condition or symptom you would visit a traditional doctor for, there is an alternative or complementary treatment in Homotoxicology.

The remedies consist of liquid drops or tablets that are made up of herbs, minerals, plants and flowers, prepared according to homeopathic practice. Unlike homoeopathy, the remedies include tiny bits of the original substance, and are thought to have a nano-pharmacological affect – which means they work like minute doses of medicines. These molecules communicate signals the body can recognise and it helps the organs and systems to re-balance and begin healing. The body also requires proper nutrition to heal. Homoeopathic prescriptions will often include diet requirements, nutritional therapy, and lifestyle recommendations. Your appointment may also include allergy analysis, or other tests that may include taking blood or fertility testing.

The main goal of Homotoxicology is to rid the body of toxins and restore the natural balance of the body. Those facing health challenges should understand that the body cannot begin to heal itself until it has been detoxified. Homotoxicology begins by facilitating the removal of the toxins, and stimulates the body in self-healing. Homotoxicology combines allopathic medicine, modern medicine, and self-healing to create a holistic approach to healing.

Examples of Homotoxicological Remedies


A remedy for Arthritic degeneration, pain and stiffness, it offers a positive alternative to NSAIDs, a drug which many are being taken off the market because of adverse side effects. Studies have shown that Zeel has a protective side effect on cartilage, and can be prescribed as a cream or tablet.


Intended to regulate inflammation, Traumeel does not suppress the condition like traditional remedies, but aids in repair. This remedy has grown in popularity in the sports community because it can help with soft tissue injuries without effecting drug test results. The ingredients help with injury repair without toxic chemicals.

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