The Horstmann Technique

The Horstmann Technique, developed in the mid-1990s, is a modality of bodywork that consists of arm and shoulder release, Ileosacral release for the lower back and hip, foot release, and Self Sabotage release. The method is said to enable positive physical change, and help to release negative emotional problems. Some believe that unresolved emotional issues accumulate in the lower back, and the Horstmann Technique allows for the release of these negative feelings both spiritually and physically. When people ignore their unresolved feelings, the feelings will manifest through physical ailments and energy blocks. If held in the lower back area, these energy blocks can lead to imbalances in biochemistry, poor behaviour, and postural misalignment.

horstmann technique The Horstmann Technique

The Horstmann Technique is considered a vibrational medication, which means it is energy based bodywork. The practitioner must be very precise in their movements in order to be most efficient in their practice. It is important that practitioners be dedicated and caring in order to assist their client with the healing process.

How the Horstmann Technique Works

Due to the limited flexibility of joints and muscles, many individuals experience chronic pain that impacts their daily lives. Most have tried a variety of healing techniques, but few have success with traditional methods. After exhausting their traditional options, many of the suffering people turn to alternative therapies.

Practitioners of the Horstmann Technique believe that energy blockages can occur in the tissue of the body. They believe that traumatic experiences are stored in the muscular systems, mainly in the shoulders, feet, and pelvic area. These blockages lead to lower back pain and discomfort. They can also lead to further medical issues when unresolved over long periods of time. Without treatment, emotional issues will wear away at a person’s will and, over time, lead to depression and misery.

Many alternative healers find that the Horstmann Technique is a wonderful complement to their other therapies. They will use the techniques in conjunction with other procedures. The Horstmann Technique is non-invasive, the client remains fully clothed, and is reported by most to be painless.

Trish Trowbridge

The developer of the Horstmann Technique, Trish Trowbridge, is originally from South Australia. She began pursuing an education in science, but decided, in the long run, to be a healer instead. She suffered a spinal injury in 1979, and decided to forego invasive surgery, although her condition was severe. She went in search of a better, more natural way of healing her pain.

While healing herself with natural therapies, she made the decision to study the field of natural healing. In the mid-eighties, she established a natural therapies clinic and expanded her practice to include herbal medicine and bodywork. In the early 1990s, Trowbridge had and life-altering near death experience. During this time, she developed the Horstmann Technique, claiming it was part of several spiritual revelations.

How the Horstmann Technique is used on horses

The Horstmann Technique is an effective way to treat physical and emotional disturbances in horses. The technique is gentle to the horses but has powerful effects. It treats the most problematic areas of horses which are their muscles, tendons, joints, back muscles, legs, ligaments, and hooves. The technique is also helpful with restoring emotional health in horses by releasing negative blockages of energy. The technique works in a similar way for horses as it does for humans. As with humans, horses will need continued treatment for the Horstmann Technique to work effectively.

Specific Horstmann Technique Details

Those that have performed and received the Horstmann Technique report profound experiences. It has enabled them to release built up negativity that they may have been storing for years. Advanced methods of the technique allow for karmic release, and people have reported feeling new, and alive again after receiving the Horstmann Technique from qualified professionals. Anyone that is open and caring will be capable of learning the Horstmann Technique, and applying the beneficial practice to a well-rounded, natural healing program.

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