Vascular Therapy With Bemer

BEMER is a PEMF that increases microcirculation by 30% in 8 minutes. BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy
Improves microcirculation and promotes the blood flow in the smallest blood vessels thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes. This improves the performance of the body's cells, which in turn favors the body's own self-healing powers, increasing physical endurance performance.

BEMER enhances: general blood flow; the body's nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal; cardiac function; physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy; concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation.

  • 1979, the FDA Registered PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequencies) Therapy for the healing of nonunion fractures.
  • 1998, the FDA Registered PEMF Therapy for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation. I
  • 2004, the FDA Registered PEMF Therapy for cervical fusion patients at high-risk of non-fusion.
  • 2015 a Cooperation Agreement was signed among NASA and BEMER USA to develop a space suit prototype, which improves microcirculation.

Contraindictions of BEMER Therapy

Any individual who has had a cell, tissue and/or organ transplant and is taking immunosuppressive therapy.
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