Gas Discharge Visualisation Camera

moh93 Gas Discharge Visualisation CameraThe fascinating world of science continues to evolve as new instruments are created, resulting in a better understanding of life itself. Without tools such as microscopes, telescopes, x-ray machines, lasers, cameras, and of course, the ever essential computer, modern science would be powerless and in a sense, nonexistent.

Today, a brand new instrument known as a Computerised Gas Discharge Visualisation Camera has made its exciting debut. Gas discharge visualisation or GDV is a scientific breakthrough in photography that allows us to view, in real time, the field of energy surrounding human life, also known as the aura, giving us a look at the mental and spiritual energy emanating from all things, both living and non-living.

Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) Camera – Kirilian Photography

An accidental discovery back in 1939 by a Russian inventor named Semyon Kirlian gives us the modern term Kirlian Photography, which is used to refer to a type of photogram that is created with extreme amounts of electricity. Working along with his wife, Kirlian discovered that objects on photographic plates connected to sources of high voltage produced small coronas which were essentially created by the electric field at the object’s boundaries.

From then on, Kirlian’s work revolved around a new aspect of discovery of an already known phenomenon, electricity, integrating his techniques and coining the new terms electrography, electrophotography, and corona discharge photography. His controversial, at the time, claims that the images produced by his work of inanimate objects could be similarly compared to that of the human aura.

Gas Discharge Visualisation GDV Camera Development

Ongoing research continues today in several universities, including in St. Petersburg State Technical University of Informational Technologies led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, publisher of numerous books on related subjects. Using the Kirlian effect along with GDV, Dr. Korotkov studies have led to the GDV camera, which allows us to capture an object’s energy field and display it in “real time” on a computer monitor without the need for the traditional development of photographs.

Because of the instantaneous results, this method is widely becoming popular in the field of bio-energy and the study of how our aura is changed or affected by circumstances around us, both environmental and emotional.

Gas Discharge Visualisation GDV Camera Operation

A rather intense field of electricity is created around an object by a GDV camera (10 kV, 1024 Hz in 0.5 seconds). This field of electricity produces a gassy discharge of light around the object, also called a Kirlian picture, which is then transferred to a computer with built-in video capabilities and the necessary accompanying software. Because there is no photo-paper involved in the process, there’s also no need for a darkroom as images are saved via the computer’s hard drive.

Equipment must be properly calibrated along with the proper environmental surroundings, making it possible to conduct future experiments with accurate results. Subtle changes in the gas discharge surrounding an object are discerned, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished by another other tool or technique as of yet. Today, GDV images are even used in sports for training purposes and in the every changing world of health and medicine.

Gas Discharge Visualisation GDV Camera Benefits

GDV camera benefits are many as is evident by the fact they are being successfully used in numerous laboratories and clinical settings around the globe. Even without special training, a user friendly interface and Windows compatible software make things like digital image processing and complex medical diagnostics both possible.

Other noted benefits include safety and reliability along with real time visualisation and video recording of the aura, which is visible up to five centimetres in diameter encompassing any object.

Gas Discharge Visualisation GDV Camera Applications

The sheer range of uses of the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) Camera is truly astonishing and includes, among others:

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