Facial Harmony

facial massage Facial Harmony Facial Harmony is a non-surgical face-lift treatment that is gentle, non-invasive and can produce a facial transformation. The belief is that your face is an interacting link between your body, the strength of your mind, and your emotional state.

The muscle releasing technique used in Facial Harmony focuses largely on stress patterns and the tension contained in an individual’s face. The methods unique to Facial Harmony will lift and rejuvenate the entire face and neck areas. Results are restored elasticity, the release of tense muscles and pent up emotions, and a tremendous inner feeling of well being.

Facial Harmony Biography

The founder of Facial Harmony , Tanmayo Lana Lawson has 25 years experience in the field of wellness. Being Scottish, Tanmayo has deep roots in Celtic Mysticism. She has journeyed worldwide, meeting spiritual leaders and visiting sacred places.

Tanmayo has trained in many diverse disciplines including, Body Work, Kinesiology, Bowen Technique, Myofascial Release, Enneagram, Tarot, and numerous facets of the mystical sciences.

Understanding the workings of the ‘Inner Judge, as introduced by John Bradshaw, Tanmayo continues to learn how this mental mechanism with its varied masks and materialisations, functions as the author of discontent humans.

Sharing personal experience, Tanmayo offers insight, and compassion to ones desiring to understand themselves beyond their own defence mechanisms to reveal themselves as Divine Beings.

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Facial Harmony Description

The gentle methods work harmoniously with the nervous system, focusing mainly on the face, neck and head areas where mental and emotional tension is held. Stored stress patterns are released while one is in a deep restful state resulting in renewed well-being.

The muscles and tissues of one’s face mirror the individual’s life experiences. Frustrations, disappointments, and other negative aspects are confined in the muscles and the body’s energy systems. Positive emotions such as love and trust, are there also, however, often these are covered over with the negative experiences and are revealed only briefly.

Stimulating the skin’s connective tissue works it into the nervous system and separates different layers of muscles and connective tissues improving circulation and eliminating waste. Muscles in the face, head and neck are released as well as elastin fibres that lift and the supportive facia. A natural facial uplift is the final effect.

Facial Harmony Training

Practitioner and client alike experience relaxation and a healing, gaining an inner awareness that assists the individual to throw off their old patterns of behaviour and to adopt new systems of thought.

The results for those following the training are peace of mind, freedom from the barrage of the 'Inner Judge' and a fuller capacity for love. Many practitioners while carving a career path have become dedicated to self-awareness.

The training for a practitioner focuses on love as the universal healer with the heart as the inspirational guide. The tool is the specific technique, carefully adjusted, and gently applied to the face area to release the harnessed energy flow and balance the system of body and mind. With training and increased awareness a new practitioner is prepared to immediately enter the workplace.

Along with Facial Harmony, courses include Balancing and Heart Connection as it relates to Facial Harmony, Facial Harmony Deepening and Advanced Courses in Facial Harmony.

Facial Harmony Benefits

The cumulative benefits from the recommended seven one hour sessions on a weekly basis are far-reaching and reflected in an outwardly physical change and inner renewal.

Without surgery, the client now experiences a youthful, less tired look. Muscle tone has been improved, circulation is increased and skin texture is refined.

The client develops a radiance that emanates from within as one connects with the innate self and lives in daily awareness. Defensive masks and the ravages of stress patterns are released. Rejuvenation takes place at a cellular level that gives a youthful energy and a much younger appearance.

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