Licensed Facilitator Of The Desire Map

We have the procedures of achievement upside down. Typically we come up with our to-do lists, our bucket lists, and our strategic plans — all the stuff we want to have, get, accomplish, and experience outside of ourselves. All of those aspirations are being driven by an innate desire to feel a certain way.

How do you want to feel…

when you look at your schedule for the week?

when you get dressed in the morning?

when you walk through the door of your office?

when you pick up the phone?

when you cash the check?

when you fall in love?

when you accept the award?

when you make the sale?

What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career, your holidays — your life?

You know what will happen with that kind of inner clarity and outer action?

You’ll feel the way you want to feel more often than not.

Decisions will be easier to make: You’ll know what to say no to and what to say hell-yes to.

You’ll be more optimistic, more open-hearted. It will be easier for you to return to your center in the midst of a challenge.

Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have. I facilitate groups and individuals on the journey of discovering their Core Desired Feelings.

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