Birth Into Being Energy Coaching

Learn tools to manage and direct your own energy into joy, creativity, wellness, and abundance. Heal your past and find your 'why'. This form of coaching is based in the Birth Into Being method, a healing modality that incorporates a wide variety of techniques to help heal the collective birth trauma of humanity. The general premise of this work states that our basic settings of how we run our energy system is established in the womb, and solidifies through our experience of being born; due to the stress-induced state in which most of us were gestated and brought earth-side, each of us has a degree of birth trauma negatively impacting the remainder of our life. By clearing the stuck energies that got tangled up at the time of our birth we can effectively give our limbic brain and entire nervous system a reboot and receive a new lease on life both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You will learn techniques ranging from breathwork, dynamic movement to music, visualization to inquiry, role play, shamanic journeying, somatic touch, and affirmation. Can be facilitated in a group format, couples sessions, or as one-on-one coaching sessions.
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