ENAR Therapy

moh69 ENAR TherapyENAR Therapy, a computer modulated, non-toxic, non-invasive, therapeutic electro-stimulation, stimulates the nervous system so that helpful chemicals are released into the body. It is the release of natural hormones that ENAR therapy is said to produce. This is explained by the belief that ENAR therapy can regulate and clear the body’s neuro-energy-pathways, and thereby allow the nervous system to properly monitor the body’s condition. Healing that may have been blocked by a breakdown of the neuro-energy-pathways is then able to take place.

With ENAR therapy there are said to be no unwanted side effects. The treatment may not only treat pathological conditions, but improve a person’s health generally. It is a natural treatment designed to help the body to heal itself.

ENAR Therapy Development

The development of ENAR, also known as SCENAR, took place in Russia in the later part of the 20th century. It has been suggested that Russia, which geographically sits between Europe and Asia, was perfectly placed to develop synergies of eastern and western medicine. In the case of ENAR, the treatment was developed to be used by Russian cosmonauts in space. A major concern for Russian cosmonauts was that, once in space, they would not have access to a sufficient variety of pharmaceuticals so that they might treat any possible illness. Energy Medicine, whereby electrical signals are used to stimulate the immune system, was seen as the answer to this problem.

ENAR Therapy Purposes

It should be understood that ENAR and SCENAR were never used in space. Mikhail Gorbachev came into power before the technology had been completed and with the introduction of Perestroika, funding for the Russian space programme was drastically reduced. ENAR and SCENAR devices are now being used in Russia as an inexpensive means of treating the sick. Because ENAR devices work by stimulating the body’s nervous system, with the aim of bringing it to optimum condition, it is supposed that ENAR therapy is able treat any disease or dysfunction.

An ENAR device is typically the shape and size of a television remote; it operates with a regular 9-volt battery. Operation is simple and only minimal training is required. Russian women make use of ENAR devices for cosmetic purposes, to increase facial tone and thus deliver a natural face lift. Compared with the many years of education required to practice conventional medicine, a practitioner may become proficient in ENAR Therapy over a dramatically shorter span of time.

It is said that in Russia today, over ten thousand practitioners are making use of ENAR Therapy.

ENAR Therapy Treatment

A practitioner will administer ENAR Therapy by placing a device directly onto a patient’s skin. The patient will then feel only a gentle stroking or tingling sensation as the ENAR is run over the abdomen, spine, and any specifically affected area. The device transmits an electric signal into the patient’s body and records the body’s resistive response. A sophisticated computer programme adjusts the transmitted signal to account for the resistive response. The aim is to bring the central nervous system into balance.

A few hours after treatment, the body’s healing process begins to operate. Chronic conditions are recommended to be treated in short sessions of up to 20 minutes, while acute conditions may be treat in longer sessions. Conversely, acute conditions may need only one or two treatments to be resolved, while chronic conditions may need to be treated three to four times a week for a period of up to six weeks.

ENAR Therapy Benefits

Since ENAR Therapy acts on the central nervous system, enhancing its ability to repair the body and overcome illness, it is suggested the ENAR therapy can be used to treat any illness.

It has been observed that ENAR Therapy can provide a natural form of pain relief. A number of patients have reported pain relief after using an ENAR device. It is suggested that ENAR therapy can cause the body to release natural pain-killing substances.

The Russian Olympics team, it has been reported, has routinely made use of ENAR Therapy as a secret weapon against sports injury.

ENAR Therapy has been shown to be beneficial against fractures, burns, allergic reactions, insect bites, depression, immune disorders, skin conditions and dental problems.

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