Energy Balance Massage

Energy Balance Massage, a unique healing method that was developed by Mark Brown, a Naturalist Therapist and Chiropractor, is now becoming popular with the general public. It combines traditional therapies with ideas that are wholly original.

Continuous movement of energy is involved in Energy Balance Massage, which engages the body’s energy centres via its natural energy circuits. The technique is hands-on but can be applied with out without clothing. A key principle is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, thus the idea is to break down energy blocks so that energy can be freed up for use by beneficial systems in the body.

 Energy Balance Massage

Energy Balance Massage Treatment

The balancing process may cause the patient to experience a wide variety of physical sensations as the energy in their body is released and then re-integrated. Involuntary twitching, warm rushes, tingling, symbolic images, intense colours, emotional memories are all reported side-effects of the treatment. These responses are appropriate and signify that the release of energy from holding patterns in the body.

Energy Balance Massage Technique – Friction

The practitioner may begin therapy by making efforts to arouse energy in the base chakra, aka the sacral chakra. This is done by massaging the subject’s buttocks as they lay face down on the massage table. Once the practitioner deems that sufficient energy has accumulated in the base chakra, the practitioner will move his hands along the patient’s spine in a continuous, waving motion. The purpose of this motion is to link the energy from the base chakra up through the body so that it connects to all of the body’s chakras up to the crown chakra. The next step is to begin friction movement, wherein the practitioner’s hands move back and forth on either side of the spine. This friction movement generates heat and also energy.

Energy Balance Massage Technique – Rocking

Rocking is another technique that is used as part of Energy Balance Massage. With the patient laying on their front and their legs bent, the heels are cupped by the practitioner and the legs are gradually lowered. Once the legs are laying flat, the practitioner begins to administer a gentle rocking motion. First the rocking focuses on the heels then moves up the body to the back of the knees. From there it progresses up the body, focusing on each of the seven chakras. When the practitioner comes to the crown chakra, he moves around to the front of the patient and places his thumbs on the top of the patients head, moving them in a figure of eight movement.

Energy Balance Massage Technique – Spiralling

A third example of a technique used in Energy Balance Massage is the spiralling technique. For this technique, the patient lays on their back. Spiralling massage strokes are used all over the patient’s upper body. The motions are symmetrical, with each hand carrying out the same motion on an opposite side of the body. When the hands cross over each other, they always cross at the body’s mid-line. The spiralling becomes most intense at the patient’s third eye. The practitioner’s thumbs are used to press into the area of the third eye chakra.

Energy Balance Massage Benefits

Benefits of Energy Balance Massage for patients include: a deep sense of ‘centredness’ and of relaxation; the improvement of stress related, physical ailments; mental clarity and emotional calm; a heightened awareness that is similar to that which may be obtained through deep meditation; an increase in creative flow and general spontaneity.

Practitioners of Energy Balance Massage enjoy a rewarding and safe means of generating income; being a part of the rapidly expanding alternative health industry; adding a new technique to their repertoire of modalities; the option of delivering clothes-on massage therapy.

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