Emmett Technique for Animals

The Emmett Technique, which was created by Australian, Ross Emmett, provides people and animals with a health treatment that is administered through body work. Ross Emmett was able to develop the Emmett technique due to his ability to perceive on a per patient basis what form of treatment would be best suited.

The Emmett Technique operates in a similar way to Bowen therapy. Like Bowen therapy, Emmett Technique can deliver benefits for animals as well as humans. The focus of the therapy is on releasing the stresses stored within the body’s muscles. Practitioners find that animals and people retain muscle stress in a similar way, and thus similar techniques can be applied in both cases.

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Ross Emmett Biography

Ross Emmett, who opened his first massage clinic in 1981, has a unique gift allowing him to sense illness within his subject’s bodies. For almost three decades, Ross Emmett honed his skill in delivering massage therapy. The Ross Emmett technique was developed over this time.

As well as therapeutic massage, Emmett has trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Bowen Therapy. Bowen Therapy has a long history of being used on animals so it was natural for Emmett to integrate his own understandings with that of Bowen Therapy and thus create the Emmett Technique for animals.

The Emmett Technique for animals is now used by a variety of practitioners around the world. Medical Professionals who make use of the Emmett Technique are able to provide neuromuscular release, supported by verbal enhancement, and thus deliver treatment that is fast acting because it is focused directly on the area of the illness.

Emmett Technique for Animals and Bowen Therapy

In 1988, Ross Emmett went to Brisbane to attend a Bowen Therapy course. From this time onwards, Emmett began integrating his ideas with that of Bowen Therapy. He found that his Emmett Technique was very similar to Bowen Therapy and thus the integration was a natural process.

Bowen Therapy has an extensive history of use with animals. As with Bowen Therapy, it is possible to use the Emmett Technique for animals.

Many Bowen Therapists are paying close attention to the Emmett Technique for animals. There are now a number of courses that teach a combined theory of the two courses.

Emmett Technique for Animals Description

The Emmett Technique for Animals involves the application of pressure to particular points on the animal’s body in a special sequence. This enables the release of tension that has been stored in muscle groups. Since the physiology of all animals incorporates muscles, the techniques can be applied to all animals.

The technique works by itself, or in concert with other neuro-musculoskeletal or muscle release therapies.

The Emmett Technique for animals is designed to reset muscle memory. When muscle memory is unlocked, the biofeedback loop is broken and the animal’s brain is free to address the original source of the stress that had been stored in the muscle.

Becoming an Emmett Technique Practitioner

Today, there are a wide variety of medical professionals who are choosing to undergo training in the Emmett Technique for animals. Those who complete the training exhibit a high degree of adaptability when it comes to assessing and treating their clients’ needs.

A course in Emmett Technique consists of six modules. Completion of all six modules is required before a student is made a qualified practitioner. Seminars that deal with a variety of special topics are also held from time to time.

Ross Emmet and authorised Emmett Instructors teach the courses. The authorised instructors are practitioners who have completed training in Emmett Technique themselves.

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