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While some people have or can develop the skill to tend to their own hair and beauty needs and whims, relatively few go through life without ever visiting a barber, hairdresser or cosmetologist. Most often, we rely heavily on skilled professionals who chose barber careers, hairdresser careers, or cosmetology careers to ensure we present the best face possible to the public.

Barbers and hairdressers (often called hairstylists) and cosmetologists provide an array of services, often developing a rapport with their clients which lasts a lifetime. They perform tasks such as shampooing, cutting, coloring and styling hair. They may also deal with scalp treatments, hair removal, nail and skin care and makeup application.

The bond between customers and their barber, hairdresser or cosmetologist creates a confidence which enables people to go about their day-to-day life knowing they look their best

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