Existential Meditative Healing

The practice in being devoid of self. A concentrated devotional state where one learns how to dissolve in to the source of their being. Using breath awareness, mantra, chant, contemplative perception and deep silent witnessing in their various forms in order to wipe out the boundaries of this one called "myself". This method is aimed at disintegrating the accumulation of memory and information collected by the intellect so the individual can experiences a fresh conscious sense of being, becoming an open doorway for life to flow through them. This will gradually increase one's capacity for pleasantness and the ability to observe thoughts/emotions from a non-attached disposition. Through the inner techniques used in this meditative practice the individual steadily realizes limiting ways of being and begins to notice the Presence of Life that they are.  Experiencing this, the individual naturally learns to bow to Creation all around and throughout them. Creating an authentic openness and receptivity to life the energy pathways in the body/mind complex rush back to their organic regenerative essence and the old tense hyperactive patterns absolve layer by layer, thus uprooting dis-ease from the state of separation it originated from.
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