EMF Balancing Technique

The EMF Balancing Technique is an energy system intended to integrate the Spirit with Biology. This unification enables you to create healing miracles resulting in increased wellness and self-awareness.

EMF training can awaken your self-awareness, revealing your true electromagnetic nature. The EMF Balancing Technique works harmoniously with an aspect of the human energy anatomy known as the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL). The easy, systematic procedure applies the human-to-human effect on the electromagnetic field, through 8 phases that are intended to fortify the UCL. By gaining knowledge of how you are powerfully connected to the Cosmic Lattice, the universal energy source, you learn how to immediately tap into this energy.

 EMF Balancing Technique

EMF Balancing Technique® Biography

The founder of the EMF Balancing Technique, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, from youth up sought to “remember God”. Her spiritual searching led her to experience the opening of all her chakras, producing an understanding of the universal energy connection. A fifteen-year journey led Peggy to discover the Universal Calibration Lattice. Reaching spiritual maturity, Peggy developed a way of helping others in their own spiritual evolution.

After several years of remarkable results with clients, Peggy created a training program producing trained practitioners who also had tremendous results leading Peggy to develop a teaching program so others could teach the EMF Balancing Technique.

To date, Peggy Phoenix Dubro is acclaimed as the founder of the EMF Balancing Technique, which is now taught and practised in 70 countries. The intention of EMF is being realised as diverse cultures and religions are gaining awareness of the universal energy connectedness and divine love.

EMF Balancing Technique – Universal Calibration Lattice

Each of us is connected to the Cosmic Lattice (universal energy source) via our individual Universal Lattice Calibration. Much the way an electrical transformer functions, the UCL empowers us to utilise this universal energy as if we are rewired with renewed life force. We learn how to receive and release the energy transferred from the Cosmic Lattice (universal energy source) and from within ourselves, reaching down into the cellular level and beyond.

Understanding the relationship between the UCL and the EMF Balancing Technique is now made easier with the first reference book on the subject. Backed with scientific data and theories, the ‘Elegant Empowerment’ will increase your awareness of your electromagnetic self in relation to the universal energy source.

EMF Balancing Technique Methods

During the EMF Balancing Technique sessions, the fully clothed client lies on a massage table while the practitioner performs graceful Tai chi-like movements within the Universal Calibration Lattice. No physical touch is needed since the UCL that starts at the core of the body extends about two feet beyond the physical body.

Although there may be some verbal encouragement, most communication is done through unspoken energy via the human-to-human connection in direct contact with the Templates of Light within each individual. Each of the eight sessions is an allurement to the next level. How the client responds to the message of wholeness is based on his or her unique depth of understanding while experiencing the newly tapped potential of an energetic being.

EMF Balancing Technique’s Benefits

Personal growth, the ability to express oneself more fully, and the capacity for greater influence in one’s destiny are contingent on the strength of the Universal Calibration Lattice. As is its intention the EMF Balancing Technique sessions fortify the UCL which has a beneficial affect on your every action, providing unlimited benefits in personal development.

It has been documented that the learned self-awareness gives more control over one’s world, and the EMF sessions improves the individuals health and wellness, sometimes with outstanding physical healing. The client is led on an eternal journey of deeper peace, greater self-expression, and unlimited growth as a multi-dimensional individual.

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