Traditional Native American Talking Circle

Based in Native American cultural practice the Talking Circle is a place to listen and be heard. It is a sacred ceremony and circle of connection, cleansing, healing and spirit with dignity and power as we walk the Red Road

The Red Road is the path we walk through this lifetime. It is a way of being and living in the world knowing we are connected to everyone and everything else. Because we are each connected we must learn to walk strongly, yet with tender foot; to live with honor and integrity, and be fully aware of the footprint we are leaving along the path. It is to see with better eyes and look for beauty in all things. What affect one affects all.

The Red Road is spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. It is a life long journey, ever learning, ever growing, ever evolving to live in total balance and harmony with all that is. It is a gift to us from our ancestors and our dutiful gift to the next seven generations.

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