ElectroRegenesis (ER) is a modern technique that heals at the cellular level and may have amazing results on restoring health to wounds and tissue.

ElectroRegenesis is based on the assumption that the human body is a complicated energy system that is always changing and completely integrated. The ER treatment sends a bio-electrical current through the body that is compatible with the energy currents that dwell within the body’s tissue resulting in an immediate response at the cellular level.

Clinical studies have revealed that regeneration of tissue at the cellular level heightens the body’s energy system, enabling self-healing and reducing the ill effects of ageing.

ElectroRegenesis Theory

moh64 ElectroRegenesisUnder stress the body forms toxins, which are called free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that lack an electron making them extremely reactive. These supercharged molecules react with neighbouring molecules taking an electron from them. The altered molecules, now missing an electron, become free radicals and repeat the process. The chain reaction continues creating more free radicals. Your likelihood for disease corresponds to your oxidative stress, which is the number of free radicals in your body at any given time.

Free radicals within the body feed on electrons from DNA causing mutations, which in turn leads to disease. By producing a relatively low, continual, stabilised flow of electrons, free radicals within the body are neutralised protecting the body from the harmful effects of stress.

The ElectroRegenesis machines distribute electrons to the tissues using damp sponge wraps applied to the skin. The electrons neutralise the free radicals in a pattern not unlike the workings of antioxidants, such as vitamin C. With focused attention on a small area of the body, healing effects manifest rapidly. Regardless of age, the patient undergoes a powerful antioxidant effect indicated by the regeneration of tissue accompanied by overall restored health.

ElectroRegenesis Device – G4z BodiHealth

A non-invasive healing device, the G4z BodiHealth carries to the body an ultra-low electrical current (between 100 nanoamperes to 3 milliamperes) that is compatible with the body’s natural energy flow. In this way any imbalance within the body is corrected.

Normal tap water is used as a conduit, done so by applying moist foam wraps to the body area where the current will be channelled. Though a painless experience to most patients, in rare instances a mild tingling may be felt.

ElectroRegenesis Device – JAI

The JAI, a small personal device powered by a 9-volt battery, non-invasively transmits a subtle energy current (ranging from 100 attoamperes to 1200 nanoamperes) into the body. With this range of current, the practitioner has many options in treating the patient holistically, incorporating mind, body and soul for a total wellness.

Conductive wraps are used to transfer an ultra-low energy current compatible with the level of energy flow of the body at its normal healthy state bringing the body into a natural balance.

ElectroRegenesis Treatment

While receiving treatment the patient sits comfortably in a recliner chair. Using water as the conductor, moist foam wraps are applied around the area of the body where the energy will be channelled. An electrode is attached to the foam wrap. The patient usually feels nothing, however, some may feel a faint tingling sensation. Safe and easy to operate, the devices assure no side effects.

The amount of treatments that are needed will depend on how long the problem has existed. Each individual is different, the longer the ailment, the more sessions will be required. Several monthly treatments may be necessary, with sessions lasting two and half hours.

ElectroRegenesis Benefits

As a general rule, ElectroRegenesis speeds up healing for wounds and chronic ulcers. It is also effective on other ailments such as chronic back pain and musculoskeletal shoulder and foot pain. Sports injuries heal much faster and ElectroRegenesis aids with fractures. Using a holistic approach ElectroRegenesis can be effective for Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

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