Organic Intelligence

A gentle and effective body-based treatment for the resolution of stress, trauma, and PTSD. Through careful observation on the part of the practitioner, the physiology of the stress-response cycles are evaluated. When a nervous system is able to easily go into activation and then settle back down through the deactivation process with equal ease and in equal measure - the system is healthy and people generally feel a sense of goodness in their lives, and in their body. When this is not true (for instance, someone 'activates' quite easily but then does not settle) symptoms of many kinds develop. This typically shows up in the autonomic nervous system governed parts of us such as digestion, sleep, heart rate and breathing rhythms, to name a few. If there is disregulation in a nervous system, Organic Intelligence work is a way to interrupt the non-productive cycles of over activation or stuck immobility responses, and help restore natural rhythmicity to the activation/deactivation of the natural human stress response.
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