Esoteric Healing

moh80 Esoteric HealingEsoteric healing refers to improving the body on more than just a physical level, but also emphasises the power of the mind in terms of linking body, mind and soul together harmoniously. This ethereal type of healing begins within the soul, permeating our spiritual selves and increasing the flow of energy to bring about a healthier state of well-being.

Esoteric healers are educated in numerous balancing techniques and work to open the channels of one’s energy field in order to bring about a flow of healthier energy to promote healing and a sense of wholeness. The invisible field surrounding humans has been observed and studied at length by the International Network of Esoteric Healing (INEH), whose members have honed the science of healing using natural energy.

Esoteric Healing History

In 1960s England, a pioneer in the field of science, radar, and energy led a group of alternative healers who uncovered this new and rather effective way of diagnosing and healing the body all based on energy flow. When it was discovered that the group was able to detect areas of the body experiencing a “congestion” or impediment of their energy flow, they then turned their focus on perfecting the art of redirecting that energy to promote healing and overall wellness.

Two decades later, after years of intense studying of the anatomy of the human energy field and how it relates to meditation and esoteric healing, a group of practitioners came together to form the International Health Research Network, which in 1993, was changed to the International Network of Esoteric Healing.

International Network of Esoteric Healing

The INEH is dedicated to the evolving field of esoteric healing with work based largely on concentrating on etheric energy and learning the rules and laws of healing the body with the mind. A great emphasis is placed on honing one’s intuition, providing training to link the conscious and unconscious minds together to balance the body’s energy, bringing forth the power of the soul to heal the physical self.

Some of the goals of the INEH include:

Esoteric Healing Example

The esoteric healing experience is said to be quite unlike no other. You will be asked to sit or recline comfortably on a chair or couch, and if you wish, visualise yourself floating effortlessly in a pool of warm water, heated by your very own energy. Some report feeling nothing physically and don’t necessarily notice an effect until later, while others say they sense slight movements and notice an immediate difference.

To “protect” the energy field, it’s usually recommended to spend the remainder of the day following esoteric healing as quietly as possible, especially just after your session. Because our own individual fields of energy are influenced directly by our emotional and mental well-beings, it’s important to pay close attention to the feelings you may experience in the days after your treatment.

Esoteric Healing Benefits

One of the most attractive benefits of esoteric healing is that irregularities in one’s field of energy can easily be discovered before they have a chance to penetrate the physical body itself. For this reason, it is said that esoteric healing is a rather effective aspect of both preventative as well as predictive medicine.

Other benefits include increased energy flow to the chakras, resulting in a better functioning nervous and endocrine system, as well as an improvement in blood circulation, elevated mood and a revelation of the ever powerful unconscious mind.

Esoteric Healing Courses

Courses taught by the INEH are available throughout the world to both medical practitioners as well as the average layperson who is seeking information about tapping into the natural energies of the human body on a more profound level as it relates to healing and disease.

The International Network of Esoteric Healing courses are presented to participants in four separate parts, each of which will require an intense seminar of up to five days. All of the sessions are equally balanced between discussions, group meditations, lectures, and hands-on instruction. Students will follow a syllabus that’s based on the original coursework of Brenda Johnson, founder of the INEH.

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