Essences of the Ancient Civilisations

moh82 Essences of the Ancient CivilisationsVibrational remedies that hold the imprint of a specific energy pattern are known as The Essences of the Ancient Civilisation. The energy patterns are drawn from an ancient time and place in history. All civilisations of the past have things in common and one of them is their sacred wells or pools. From those waters, the energy pattern is drawn and makes each of the essences. These essences are made possible by Jan Thomas, the Chiron channel. Her ability to enable her to reach back in time and connect with those energies makes her extraordinary. Her book, The “Essences of the Ancient Civilisations” is a must read.

Jan Thomas

Jan Thomas lives in Queensland, Australia and has been the Channel for the Master known as Chiron. She has also served as Channel for the ancient way of healing known as Chiron Healing, as well as the Channel for the knowledge and Essences brought through by the ancient Crone – Willow. She is a practitioner and teacher of Chiron Healing and wrote training manuals for that method of healing.

In this 21st century, the world is much different than it was during the time of the ancients, but now more than ever, it is necessary to know and understand the things that the people of ancient times knew. Through this, we can align again with Gaia and her energies, and live in the way of the ancients, but here in modern times.

She believes that the path to enlightenment begins by helping yourself, and understanding that if you do not help yourself, no one else can help you.

Chiron Healing

The Chiron Healing Method teaches that matter is energy and views the human body as an energy field that interacts with physical matter. The method of healing’s aim is to restore balance and harmony and used etheric energy to affect systems of the body that include the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Believers feel that the method restores energy from the higher level of human functioning.

The method began in Australia in the late 1970s and was originally developed and taught by Jan Thomas (formerly Jan Trenorden). It was learnt and practised by a small group of health professionals that met frequently to hear Thomas speak. Visit the International Association of Chiron Healers website to learn more.

Essences of the Ancient Civilisations – Physical

The following is a list of physical essences and are used to change things in every day life:

The purpose of utilising this list is to give practitioners a base to journey to a time when they remember ancient lessons and then they can be passed forward for all to benefit from. Practitioners also believe that it is important to draw from a store of knowledge that has been forgotten.

Essences of the Ancient Civilisations – Feeling

The following is a list of emotional essences:

The purpose of these essences is to use the knowledge of each civilisation and apply it to the here and now.

Essences of the Ancient Civilisations – Doing with Knowing

The following is a list of Doing with Knowing essences and are for those searching for further truth:

These essences are for those that want to know the truth of the past and use it to change the future. By using all of the essences, we are able to add to our storehouse of knowledge. These final essences are those that will lead you to your final truth, according to the theory. It is important to understand that all Mystics, Shamen, Seers, and Warriors felt a certain “oneness” with everything and operated from that feeling.

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