Performance Coaching

Strength & Conditioning: This includes training individuals/teams in an array of different physical aspects. in strength and conditioning: I am able to provide lifting programs and cues ranging from free-weights, cable machines, and rack style weights including development into power and olympic movements.
Speed and Agility Training: This overall training aspects includes allowing you to move faster in singular and multi-directional movements. Under this aspect we train the muscles neurologic systems to promote and improve the neuromuscular systems to allow muscles to coordinate together and fire faster. This also includes energy system development. You have a few different ways of expending energy both anaerobic (without oxygen) and aerobically (oxygen dependent) depending on intensity and endurance required for your body's needed work. This type of training allows you to optimize the use of these different systems and their demands on the body, reducing fatigue, minimizing soreness, and improving overall use of these to maximize your performance.
Dieting & Nutrition: Able to give general guidelines/recommendations towards proper dieting and timing for appropriate nutrient/caloric intake to achieve your peak performance for racing events or to assist in achieving overall health goals such as reducing unnecessary fat, improving overall body system health, and promoting lean tissue growth (muscle.)
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