Spagyric Homeopathy

The spagyric homeopathy is a homeopathic therapy, which raises a vital analogy between the behavior of individuals and the behavior of nature. Reactions, symptoms, signs and behaviors of each individual are compared with various levels of observation of nature through twenty-six paintings reaction, in which reflected some physiological, psychological and emotional patient, establishing the different analogies with nature , its rhythms, patterns and behaviors. Later by stimulation protocols and leveling aspects is achieved blocked the restoration of the lost harmony.
Twenty-six tables reactive divided into four groups:

“Three Principles.
General trends related to energy metabolism (anabolism, catabolism and regulation). Is what is known as Ayurvedic medicine pitta, vata and kapa. The fit and balance between these three aspects is what makes the basis of health services to individuals, although whether from birth or in the retrofitting can be an overriding principle.

“Four complexion.
Trends biotypological (organisms sharing the same hereditary characteristics ) dependent genetic components, embryological development, and situations occurring in the first months of life. Hippocrates four centuries BC, the call-Bilious complexions-NERVE BLOOD AND LYMPHATIC.

Seven-life activities.
Set of reactions that affect both the organic and the psycho-emotional behavior of the person and depend on the successful integration into the consciousness of certain universal archetypes.
May be the seven areas of knowledge that Plato had to go through the human being before breathe again the air of this world.

“Twelve biological expression.
It can be defined as both physical and emotional behaviors that have a direct relationship with the cycles of nature. Can be compared with the twelve divisions of the year both astrological and astronomical.

Three groups of medications as spagyric homeopathy:

1. The covering action of remedies in spagyric homeopathy what are called vital activities: areas of awareness and biological functioning of which depends on integration and balance the general welfare and health.

2. The specifics with a selective biotropism(an obsolete term for a theory that a drug eruption may be due to activation of a latent allergy by the drug) to organs and functions of both physiological and psychological.

3. Salts, mineral remedies governing bioinorganic reactions of the patient.

Spagyric Homeopathic remedies act through the neuro- immune-endocrine system and pathways nurturing the reactivity of patient to have the energy to regain his health. By infinitesimal doses, at concentrations similar to those operating their own metabolism regulatory molecules, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.

His administration is oral (sublingual) which is a quick and easy absorption. The administration of these remedies do not produce toxic effects in the body, or so-called side effects.

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