Applied Trophology

The word ‘trophology’ was apparently coined in 1890 by a scientist, J.S. Billings, who intended it to apply to “that department of physiology which deals with nutrition”  and is the study of correct food combining that is, the art of knowing which foods go best with which others.  The origin of the word trophology is a Latin word, trophos, which means growth.  Trophology means the study of that which promotes growth, and many years ago Royal Lee combined the words Applied Trophology to refer to the study and application of nutritional principles which promote growth in specific tissues, organs and systems.

The use of protomorphogen extracts (PMG) derived from specific tissue sources of the cow, pig, and sheep has been employed since the late 1800’s, originally invented by the medical organo-therapists of the earlier days, and later refined to current standards by Royal Lee in the 1940’s.

Many people loosely refer to glandulars as a name which refers to any extracts which originate from animal glands or organs concentrates for the repair and vitalization of target organ/gland functions in the human.

The Protomorphogenic (PMG) Theory proposed by Royal Lee is a very complicated consideration of some of the ingredients of our cellular soup that cause proper cell function.  It is important to remember that this is only a theory, as yet unproven, yet that it stands after more than fifty years as a very good explanation of regulatory mechanisms that govern the cell’s growth and repair.

In short it states that a PMG has the ability to act as a primitive pre-protein building block which can signal and trigger cellular processes by its presence around the cell.  Indeed, recent findings suggest that its mechanism of influence lies in the repair and fortification of the mineral skeleton of the chromosomal helix, and by thus enhancing increases the positioning of the DNA/genes to be more active in growth and repair directed processes.

Clinically using this therapeutic tool is a safe and simple way to retard glandular depression and strengthen stressed and aging humans.  Many people notice these changes within days or even hours of initiating glandular strengthening PMG therapy.  These extracts are water based protein mineral concentrates and hence are virtually clean of hormones and cholesterol.  For this reason the PMG is a much better choice than the majority of glandular products on the market that simply concentrate the entire tissue sample.  It has always been apparent that the endocrine system is the core operating system of the body, and by keeping these glands vital many of the secondary disease imbalances are prevented.

Oftentimes using PMG’s for gland/organ strengthening can result in quick and easy repair processes without having to utilize the more stimulating and depressing effects of herbs, which are really just natural drugs in their effect.  It is obvious that the PMG is a trophic growth factor, with no known side effects or disadvantages.  Prolonged use of these nutrients has been studied for over fifty years throughout the larger community of nutrition-minded practitioners.

The most exciting effect of this type of therapy is a phenomenon called post biological development.  This is an event wherein the incomplete development of a gland or tissue interrupted in an earlier life process is completed later than is normal because finally the nutrients for trophic growth are present.  For example, incomplete puberty interrupted by traumas early in life can be completed in the twenties or thirties, or immune systems that didn’t become fully competent finally do so after being weak since birth.  This is almost magical, yet it is just simple biochemistry realized through the gift of a genius named Royal Lee – he looked at the same information but saw something different, and the world is not quite the same for what he has given us.

These growth factors are not exotic at all, but are present in all animal forms of life.  They are damaged by heat, cooking and in the harvesting/storage process.  For some of us when we consume our first PMG it is the experience of feeding a part of ourselves that has literally never been supplied a direct nutrient or energy source.  The lights go on, the cellular machinery rolls into activity, and life is more abundant.  If you detect some enthusiasm in this explanation you are accurate.  This therapy makes a vital difference in so many cases.
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