Ceremony For Women With The Experience Of Abortion

Life is not always easy. Women become pregnant in phases of life where their situation is difficult and they cannot find another solution other than abortion.

Even if woman feels relief in taking this decision and feels free again, it is possible, that years later illnesses of the body and soul turn up that originate from the abortion years before.

The whole bodily system of a woman is traumatized by an abortion, as it is a disruption of a natural physical process which has started. If this trauma is not treated at once after the abortion, there exists the potential for unpredictable long – term problems to the woman`s spiritual and physical health. In most of the cases the trauma for the woman is worse than for the soul/child which has not been born.

Frequently the woman may also feel guilty (consciously – unconsciously) because she chose not to give birth to a baby/soul. This “feeling guilty” may cause various symptoms. As if punishing themselves, women who want to become pregnant years after the abortion sometimes find that they cannot, even with medical assistance for conception and this phenomenon can originate from the abortion.

The ceremony for women with the experience of abortion is a very deep healing process which is done in an individual way for every woman. It brings peace and forgiveness to the woman and the un–born soul.

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