Master Feng Shui

Master Feng Shui

- with the power and purity of Salts and Fire

This is a special and powerful cleansing and shifting up the energy on the level which fits you on your path/the path of your family members/company. This can be applied to your private home as well as your business property.

It`s all about Energy

Feng Shui says: The place you are living is a mirror of your soul.

You might know, that the atmosphere around you influences you. So because everything is energy (another name is Chi), it is very important to take care of the places where you live and work. If the energy level at your home or workplace is on a low level or is full of difficult energies, it will influence you – maybe you feel weak and often tired, you may show signs of depression or illness. Perhaps your work or business is not going well e.g. unmotivated employees, high expenses, less income, unsatisfied customers…

What you can expect from a Master Feng Shui Consultation

Master Feng Shui changes the energy directly in a way that is good for you and for all the world. It creates spaces where you can live, work and experience an uplifted mood, harmony and with success on Your path.

Old, burdened – polluted energy will be eliminated and the rooms are filled with light. The history of a place or a building is neutralized as much as possible.

This kind of Feng Shui almost needs no change of your furniture, simply some additional advice on colours can be given.

How it works

Master Feng Shui is an energetic method (you could compare it with acupuncture) to shift your living in a holistic way. And its combination with the power and purity of Salts and Fire, is very special and powerful. You can be sure that the decision to use Master Feng Shui will nourish you all your life.

The Master Feng Shui includes the analysis, clearing and changing of energies in your house/property/garden as well as a consultation in which we talk about the results of the work and which changes you should make in your life. The change of the energy level in the rooms you live will cause also changes in yourself. You will receive a script – with the important information about the energy you are living in and if necessary also a “to-do” list.

Price Basic Feng Shui: The price for a Master Feng Shui consultation depends on the square footage and the complexity of the project. Usually the price is about 8 Euro (private) – 12 Euro (business)/ square metre. Additional the cost for travel expenses.

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